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    41st Annual Spring Parade

    March 16, 2019

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    If you and your family have been sitting around at the apartments in Palo Alto, waiting for something fun to do this spring, then now’s the time to rejoice. The 41st Annual Spring Family Parade is about to kick off in Mountain View, and if it’s anything like previous years’ parades, it should be a blast for everyone in attendance. Being a family event, though, the best practices for enjoying and staying safe during this event will be a bit different than all those solo excursions you took when you were younger, so today, we’ll be providing you with a few tips for the whole family, in addition to giving you the lowdown on all those important parade details.

    A Quick Look at the Parade Details

    The 41st Annual Downtown Spring Family Parade will be taking place from 10AM to 1PM on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. The parade will start at the intersection of Castro Street and Villa Street, progressing all the way to Pioneer Park, where the post-parade activities will take place. Those post-parade activities, by the way, will include arts and crafts for the kids, games for the families, and live music for everyone to vibe out to and enjoy. There will also be food trucks on site, serving up hot and fresh meals to sate your appetites.

    If you’re interested in participating in the parade (as in, marching rather than just spectating), you’ll need to register your group, which you can do via the online registration form. The theme this year is “Cruisin’ Mountain View,” so take that for what it’s worth and get inventive with your costuming, floats, and props. If you’re part of an organization that wants to provide demonstrations or hand out info after the parade, there’s a table fee you’ll have to provide so that you can secure a post-parade spot, and the organizers will give you details on everything you’ll need to know in regards to the post-parade guidelines.

    If you’re content just watching, however, remember that the parade will take place rain or shine, and while you can have your family pet present, you’ll need to keep them under control, which means a leash for restricting their movement. If your pet is unruly, you may be asked to leave the parade for the safety of others. As for keeping you and your family safe during the event, read on, as we provide some parade day tips that will help enrich your experience.

    Surviving the Parade With Your Family

    A good old-fashioned spring parade is a great way to have fun with the whole family (and a great opportunity to take some lovely photos that will become cherished family memories), but while you’re out and about with the big crowds, you’ll want to keep everything orderly and make sure your family stays safe and secure while you’re having a great time.

    To achieve this goal, you’ll want to start planning ahead of time. Let’s start with planning for your arrival at the parade. After you’ve scoped out the parade route and the best places to park, you’ll want to settle on a good time to show up and find a good spot to view the parade. Recall that the parade starts at 10:00AM on the dot, so if you show up late, you’ll miss the opening (and, as a result, might be a bit disappointed).

    The obvious solution, then, is to show up early. But how early? Arrive at the parade with too much time to kill, and you’ll run the risk of your kids being terribly and hopelessly bored, a point at which some (though not all) younglings will become relentlessly annoying — a headache most parents would rather avoid. Plan for that wait time by packing a few distractions that will keep your kids at bay while you wait for the parade to start, and do yourself an additional favor by staking out a spot close to the public restrooms, just in case of potential potty emergencies.

    While we’re on the topic of keeping your kids in a good mood, you should probably bring a few snacks and some water. Sure, there will be refreshments after the parade, but you never know when those hunger pains will strike, and you’ll want to be able to provide some quick sustenance to sate their bellies in case the complaints start rolling in.

    If you have younger kids, a stroller or kid wagon will be an appropriate item to have in tow. All the walking around might tucker them out, in which case pushing them around on wheels would probably be preferable to carrying them around for the day, and some extra diapers might be worth your time as well — just in case. Even if your children are a bit older (and don’t need the diapers), plan on having a change of clothes with you. In the event a drink gets spilled or the kid dirties themselves by other means (which they often manage to do), you’ll be prepared to keep them clean and comfortable.

    Finally, make sure you know your limits and have an exit strategy. Even if you plan on staying for the whole parade, unforeseen circumstances are always a possibility, and if the family is miserable standing around, it’s better to cut and run than to “die” on this particular hill. Remember where you parked, and make sure you’re able to make a hasty retreat when the time is right. Hopefully, though, you and yours will have a great time watching all the floats, eating food, and enjoying the music and entertainment once the parade is over!

    Return to the Apartments in Palo Alto: Happy, Safe, and Sound

    If you followed all the simple tips we mentioned, getting home in one piece shouldn’t be too difficult a task. As for staying happy, coming back to a beautiful space like The Village Residences is more than enough to put a smile on any family’s faces. This vibrant, modern community sets the “new standard” for contemporary apartment living, surrounded by all the comforts and conveniences you need to make each day a great one. If you aren’t already calling this little village home, be sure to learn more about what these superior living spaces have to offer, and reach out to discover how you can make one of these residences your very own.