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    5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

    December 28, 2017

    Palo Alto Holiday Season - The Village Residences Apts

    It doesn’t matter if you live in apartments for rent in Palo Alto or anywhere else in the US, because you’re going to run into massive temptation during the holiday season. It’s unavoidable, it’s tempting and hard to turn down, and it’s going to be difficult if you’re trying to keep your weight and health in check. But even with all of that said, it’s definitely possible to stay on the straight and narrow and eat healthy over the holidays.

    In fact, we are more than confident that you’ll be capable of overcoming your overwhelming desires to eat junk food and sweets. Why are we so convinced that you can keep your dessert demons in check? We’re convinced because we’re going to share five top-notch holiday healthy eating tips with you today. If you use the suggestions and follow the instructions completely, you will be able to abstain from eating unhealthy meals and snacks and still maintain your amazing figure even during the holidays.

    Sound good? Let’s get to our powerful healthy holiday eating tips for 2017 right now without any further delay.

    1. Fill up on Healthy Food before Going to the Mall

    During the holiday season, so many people fail to prepare for the onslaught of junk food, chocolates, candy, and other snacks and unhealthy meals that will assault them while they are gift shopping at the mall. The lure of the food court is often too tempting for many of us, so it’s insane to step foot in the mall on an empty stomach. Hopefully, you recognize this potential pitfall and take this tip to heart, because it’s truly important to prepare for holiday shopping ahead of time.

    Even if you decide to avoid eating a healthy meal before you go shopping, you can always do a few things to make your experience a little easier. For starters, plan your shopping trip in a way that you’ll avoid the dozens of junk food stands, pretzels, Cinnabon, and more by staying away from them altogether. Walk around the mall in a different direction and avoid these unhealthy snacks kiosks altogether.

    If you’re starving while shopping and you have to get something to eat, choose one of the healthier restaurants instead of the fast food options inside the food court. Believe it or not, loud and chaotic environments actually cause people to eat more. So, choose a low-key, healthy restaurant instead, and you can order a sensible meal instead of indulging in the high-calorie, high-fat, high sugar meals that you’d typically get in a fast food setting.

    2. Keep Track of the Things You’re Eating

    Nobody likes to carry around a notebook with them, but it’s definitely a good idea during the holidays because you can use it to track the food you eat. Why is this important? By maintaining a food diary, you’ll keep track of the times you falter and eat unhealthy food. But not only that, it’s also a great way to show you’re committed to choosing healthy options that you’ll happily write about in your food diary.

    To stay on top of your healthy eating during the holidays, you can also begin weighing yourself each day and writing it in your food diary notebook as well. By tracking your weight so religiously, you’ll recognize the power of eating healthy food because it will be reflected in the number you see on the scale each and every day.

    Also, stepping on the scale each day will help you stay on track toward your goal. And once you really start focusing on your weight, you’ll begin exercising more, eating healthier, and going out for a nightly walk or jog to burn the unwanted calories you’ve ingested during a holiday party or Christmas meal.

    3. Eat a Healthy Meal before Attending a Holiday Party

    Out of all of the healthy holiday eating tips we’re sharing today, this one is definitely a fan favorite. Why is it so popular? It’s popular because it works, plain and simple. If you are full before you go into your annual office Christmas party, you aren’t going to pig out on unhealthy options. In fact, you’ll be able to maintain your composure throughout the event, and your coworkers will think you have an iron will when you withstand the temptation of holiday cookies, chocolate cake, and other unhealthy desserts and snacks.

    While attending holiday parties, you should also avoid eating high-calorie foods by not putting too many of them on your plate when you do decide to eat. When we have a variety of different foods on our plates, we tend to eat more no matter how hungry we are, so put less food on your plate and you’ll find it easier to avoid overeating on unhealthy, calorie laden meals and snacks.

    4. Have Healthy Snacks on Hand at the Office

    It’s really tough avoiding junk food and other unhealthy snacks during the holiday season no matter where you are, but surprisingly enough, this is especially true at the office. People are always bringing in holiday cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candy, chocolates, and all kinds of other delicious yet calorie laden snacks. The attraction is incredibly difficult for many people, but mostly because they haven’t prepared for the inevitable onslaught of holiday temptations.

    To combat these temptations, we highly recommend leaving healthy snacks on hand at the office. If you have something else to munch on while everyone else is stuffing their face with holiday treats, you’ll be able to stick to your healthy eating plan and not feel deprived or left out.

    5. Don’t Deprive Yourself Completely

    You’ll quit your healthy holiday eating plan faster than a speeding bullet if you avoid temptation altogether. You’ll get frustrated, feel unhappy, and ultimately give up and go overboard if you completely deprive yourself of amazing holiday treats.

    So, indulge once during the holidays and no more. Just choose one day, eat one or two unhealthy snacks and a calorie laden meal, and then immediately go back to your healthy meal plan when you’re through.


    Do yourself a huge favor and use these healthy holiday eating tips for 2018. You’ll have no trouble surviving the holidays if you follow this plan and stick to it like glue.