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    Holiday Season Safety Tips

    December 18, 2018

    group of friends celebrating the holidays the village mountain view ca

    The holidays are known for a lot: merriment, cheer, partying, etc., and everyone wants to go out (or stay in), have a great time, and enjoy themselves with minimal potential for danger. Whether you’re heading out from the apartments in Mountain View, CA to that killer party or hosting some festivities of your own at home, or just going to be relaxing around the house with the family, be sure to observe some of these critical safety tips to ensure minimal hassle and maximum fun.

    If You’re Heading Out or Hosting a Party

    If you plan on enjoying a few nights out during the holiday season, or plan on throwing some kind of holiday bash at your place, then good on you! ‘Tis the season to have a great time, so long as you’re doing it safely. The number one safety tip here is one you probably already know pretty well: know your limits. As an adult, you know how much alcohol is too much, and you should refrain from getting too close to the limit during the festivities. If you find that you do overindulge, be sure not drive, as that’s an accident waiting to happen.

    If you’re the designated driver, be sure you drink no alcohol during the party, as it’s your job to ferry people home safely. Make sure that all passengers in your vehicle are buckled up, keep your eyes on the road (no playing on the cellphone), and prepare yourself for the possibility of heavy traffic and inclement weather. You’ll need to stay on your “A” game if you’re driving around the holidays, so focus is a must. Additionally, having a roadside emergency kit is a good idea — just in case something does happen when you’re driving.

    As a host, your safety responsibilities are magnified. You’ll have to take charge in regards to your guests’ alcohol consumption, and should offer visitors non-alcoholic options, along with plenty of food and water for those that prefer to imbibe alcoholic drinks. You should definitely invite your guests to crash at your place if they’ve had to much, and if it comes down to it, and you feel they’ve overindulged, it’s up to you to intervene should they try to get behind the wheel.

    If You’re Staying at Home to Enjoy the Season

    On the homefront, there’s plenty more for you to do, even if you aren’t hosting a party. It’s likely that you’ll be doing some holiday decorating, and with that activity comes a fair share of hazards. In particular, the risk of fire from electrical cords and various devices is something you’ll want to keep a close eye on. On that front, we’d suggest following these ten strategies courtesy of the Electrical Safety Foundation International to prevent any potential incidents from occurring within your home around the holiday season:

    • Inspect your electrical decorations for damage before use. Damaged electrical equipment can shock you or start a fire.
    • Don’t overload any electrical outlets. Yet another way to start an indoor fire. Putting too many high-wattage devices into one outlet can cause a catastrophic overload.
    • Never connect more than three strands of incandescent lights. You might unintentionally blow a fuse, and, in more extreme cases, start a fire.
    • Keep your tree fresh with daily watering. Dry trees are a fire hazard. Keep them moist to avoid any accidents.
    • Use battery-candles as opposed to real ones. Real candles mean fire, and an increased level of risk. According to the NFPA, candles start almost half of home decoration fires.
    • Keep combustible objects away from heat sources (like the fireplace). Again, having decorations and appliances too close to heat sources presents an increased fire risk.
    • Keep cords from being damaged. Damaged cords equals a greater potential for shocks and fires. Don’t squeeze cords into small spaces where they could be pinched, near sharp objects like nails or staples, or near heat sources.
    • Inspect all decorations for their certification label. Certification labels, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and Intertek (ETL), denote that the product has undergone safety testing and is less likely to be hazardous.
    • Remain in the kitchen whenever you’re cooking something. Unattended cooking equipment can, again, lead to fire disasters. Watch what you’re cooking to ensure nothing burns.
    • Turn off everything if you’re going to sleep or leaving the house. Like with cooking equipment, unattended decorations can be a source of fire damage. Reduce the risk by putting out candles and turning off decorations when you are unable to observe them.

    The holiday season, unfortunately, is also a time of increased potential for crime and theft. You can protect yourself, however, by employing a few common sense techniques around this time of the year. To deter break-ins, be sure to lock up and secure everything that you can: your car, your home etc., and, if possible, invest in security or surveillance systems that will make potential burglars think twice.

    As an additional deterrent, you might consider leaving the lights on (or setting them on a timer) so that criminals will get the impression someone is home, even if you aren’t (many thieves are less likely to approach homes they believe are occupied). Finally, when it comes to packages, especially deliveries of expensive gifts, make sure they require a signature confirmation so that they aren’t left out on the porch and easy pickings for unscrupulous thieves.

    At the Apartments in Mountain View, CA, Safety Is Always Near the Top of the Holiday List

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