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Nestled right in the middle of Sunnyvale and Palo Alto, Village residents have access to everything that makes the Silicon Valley so great.

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    Cafes To Try In Mountainview

    July 31, 2017

    Swimming Pool - The Village Residences Apts

    Living in Silicon Valley is a goal many up and coming executives have. This is the place where people who have made it in the business world live. They live in high-end, resort style apartments like the Village Luxury Apartments. This high-end village apartment homes offer everything one would expect to find in the famous Silicon Valley.

    Mountain View takes great pride in their history, community, and the future of their city. The Village Luxury Apartments are a perfect representation of that pride

    Great Cafes

    Red Rock Coffee

    Stop in for a great meal and enjoy some live music at this local favorite. This is the place for a quick bite, a snack, and a good cup of coffee with friends.

    Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery

    This is a weekday only counter where you can get baked goods or a light breakfast or lunch. It is popular so get there early!

    Olympus Cafe and Bakery

    Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, get the best American or Greek food in the neighborhood. This is also the place to go if you need to take home a delicious cake.

    Pearl Cafe

    Not many places serve Hawaiian treats but you can get them here. Pearl Cafe also serves American cafe style food.

    La PanotiQ Bakery Cafe Mountain View

    Breakfast, lunch, and fresh made French pastries provided by this mini-chain. It is family owned and the service is top of the line.

    Bajis Cafe

    American style food for breakfast and lunch. The dining area looks like a dinner restaurant for comfort (you do not have to eat at a counter). The service is good and the prices are great.

    El Paso Cafe

    This cozy little place serves some fast and delicious Mexican style food. You will also enjoy cocktails, which is rare for a cafe. Enjoy.

    Bagel Street Cafe

    They make their own bagels in a variety of flavors. You can also get a sandwich, a salad, and a great cup of coffee,

    Clocktower Coffee Roasting Company

    Choice pastries and bakery items, sandwiches, coffee, and tea make this a fun place for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. You will want to take home some of their freshly prepared pastry. It is a very cute cafe and you will love the patio seating.

    Alexander's Patisserie

    This is an upscale bakery and sandwich shop. The freshly made pastries, macaroons, and baked goods are displayed in a lit cabinet and the service is excellent. For a special treat, you must stop by Alexander's Patisserie.

    Whether you are looking for a family owned cafe where you can just relax or a mega-chain where you can meet up with the gang from the bike club, you have multiple choices here. There are dozens of great cafes and coffee shops in this. This is a wonderful way to spend a few hours on your weekend sight seeing trip or trip to a museum. Any kind of baked goods you are looking for is here. Greek pastries, French baked goods, American, Italian, and much more are waiting for you.

    Mountainview is known for having wonderful craft coffee. From mild breakfast blends to dark and rich espresso, there is something you will love. Of course, if you are not a coffee lover, there are tea shops and cafes in Mountainview as well.

    When you route out your weekend plans to go shopping, biking, or walking through the art gallery tours in the area, take a minute to see what cafes are located on the path. It is well worth the few minutes it will take. If you take home some of these delectable goodies, you will remember your cafe experience for several days to come.

    Life in luxury

    Industry giants make their home in Mountainview. These are some of the greatest minds in the world and they create their own standards of class. Quality, service, and excellent performance is demanded and The Village Residences Luxury Apartments delivers.

    The beautiful new apartments offer all the modern amenities such as hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, full washers, and dryers, walk in closets and designer kitchens. Residents enjoy a massive pool and relax beside an element fireside spa. Residents here must stay connected. That is why the wired tech center was meticulously built.There is also a private resident lounge and a state of the art fitness room, yoga studio, and tanning room.

    Some other features include, a cafe, library, aqua room, game room, and community gather kitchen with full dining areas. There are even a play area and washing station for beloved pets.

    What about the city?

    Mountain View is convenient. This well maintained and beautiful city has everything residents and visitors look for in an upscale area. There is great shopping with many high-end shops and boutiques. If you love a good bargain, you will love the many outlet stores in the city.

    The restaurant scene in Mountain View leaves nothing to be desired.From fine dining, to comfort food with the family on the weekend, you will find it here. The nightlife of the city is hopping, and there are plenty of thing for singles, couples, or families to do.

    There are only three cities in California with an AAA credit score. Mountain View is proud to hold one of those titles. Major corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Apple are located there which makes Mountain View financially sound and a good place to put down roots.

    Life in Mountain View California leaves little to be desired. There are beautiful homes, parks, family activities, and great weather. Mountain View offers employment with major corporations or one of their dozens of start-up companies. It is near the interstates and allows easy travel to San Jose, Palo Alto, and San Francisco. Don’t take our word for it, do your own research. When you add these conveniences and perks with the luxurious life enjoyed by residents of The Village Residences Apartments, you may ask why anyone would want to live anywhere else.