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    Check Out Yosemite at Spring

    May 30, 2019

    man exploring yosemite

    There’s little doubt that The Village Residences in Mountain View are an awesome place to live. This vibrant community brings the best of the Santa Clara County to the fore, and in stunning fashion. Every once in a while, though, it’s nice to get a break from the everyday and mix things up with a bit of adventure. This spring, why not make Yosemite your destination of choice for an out-of-the-way excursion?

    You see, in the spring, Yosemite seems to come alive with activity. In particular, those waterfalls are going to be at the most impressive point you’re likely to see them at all year, and to top it off, the flora and fauna are going to be “springing” back to life for your viewing pleasure:

    “Spring is a great time to visit Yosemite National Park. Thawing snow fills the streams and brings waterfalls to their most dramatic, the dogwood trees bloom, and plants sprout delicate green leaves. The crowds that plague the park in summer haven't arrived yet, and photography opportunities abound.”

    Sound like the kind of late-May adventure you can get down with? Read on, because today we’re going to be detailing all you need to know about Yosemite in the spring, and highlighting some points of interest you’ll definitely want to add to your itinerary should you choose to go.

    Visiting Yosemite in the Spring

    Yosemite National Park, located within California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, is one of the most stunning natural preserves within the state, and perhaps even the entire nation. Famed for its gigantic sequoia trees, towering cliffs, raging rivers, and majestic waterfalls, this place is any adventurer or photographer’s dream, and it gets even better when spring rolls around each year.

    After winter’s end, the spring blooms take over, and while most of the super-blooms are over by May, there are still plenty of spots around the park to view not only flowers, but a diverse array of fauna spanning from trees to bushes and everything in between. And beyond the plant life, there are multitudinous animal species within the park for you to view:

    “Yosemite National Park supports more than 400 species of vertebrates including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. The high diversity of species is the result of diverse habitats in Yosemite that are largely intact. The park’s rich habitats range from thick foothill chaparral to conifer forests to expanses of alpine rock. Animals feel at home in each location.”

    Combined, these two factors alone make Yosemite a gorgeous environment to view and photograph during the spring season. While opinions do vary on the most photogenic locations within the park, Finding the Universe has done a pretty good job compiling a top eight list for any would-be shooters, which includes:

    • Nevada and Vernal Falls
    • Tunnel View
    • Glacier Point
    • Half Dome
    • Sentinel Bridge
    • Valley View
    • Yosemite Falls
    • Bridalveil Falls

    And if this will be your first time taking photos at Yosemite (or you just want to brush up on your knowledge and skills) it might do you some good to check out Colby Brown’s Photographer’s Guide to Visiting Yosemite, which provides some awesome tips for every season and highlights some more great spots to take some shots at.

    Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that many of those great photography spots are at the various falls within Yosemite. As we alluded to at the outset, the spring is a great time to visit these locations because the rivers and waterfalls are usually at their peak flowduring this season:

    “Yosemite is home to countless waterfalls. The best time to see waterfalls is during spring, when most of the snowmelt occurs. Peak runoff typically occurs in May or June, with some waterfalls (including Yosemite Falls) often only a trickle or completely dry by August.”

    In particular, you’ll want to give these spots your consideration before hitting the road for the park:

    • Chilnualna Falls
    • Bridalveil Falls
    • Nevada Falls
    • Upper Yosemite Falls
    • Vernal Falls
    • The Seasonal Staircase
    • Ribbon Falls
    • Sentinel Falls
    • Horsetail Falls
    • Illilouette Fall
    • Wapama Falls

    If you’re really feeling adventurous, the spring will also be a good time to hit some of those Yosemite rivers and do a bit of rafting. It’s a popular activity, particularly in June and July, and some hot spots within the park include the Merced River, Tenaya Lake, and Cherry Creek. Just remember to stay safe while you’re out on the water. A personal floatation device is a must, and going with a group helps to ensure safety in numbers.

    The Clymb blog has more tips for first timers, if you’re interested in learning more about making the most out of your time on the water, but for the most part, it all boils down to being prepared, staying safe, and having a great time to help enhance the experience.

    Last, but certainly not least, the spring presents ample opportunities for hikers who want to take on the grandeur of Yosemite. Once you’ve prepped, there are several prime options you’ll want to tackle, like:

    • Yosemite Valley
    • Glacier Point Road
    • Wawona and Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias
    • Hetch Hetchy
    • Crane Flat and White Wolf
    • Tuolumne Meadows

    These areas will be alive with activity, but bear in mind a few key factors before you go. First off, you should stick to the trail (as the YNP website notes, “taking shortcuts causes trail erosion--and is both dangerous and illegal”). Secondly, you’ll want to remember that the trails are neither maintained or patrolled regularly, so you should always pace yourself, and travel at your own risk. Keep your wits about you though, and you should have an amazing time exploring the natural wonder that is Yosemite.

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