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    Companies in Mountain View

    May 15, 2017

    Silicon Valley Mountain View - The Village Residences Apts

    Are you thinking about getting a tech job in the near future? The Silicon Valley region of California is certainly a great place to work and live. And if you are going this route, we highly recommend living in Mountain View CA apartments.

    Before we tell you more about your housing options and our recommendations, we would like to take a look at some of the top tech companies operating out of Mountain View, California.

    If you really are looking for a job in this area, then you’ll need to know about the best tech companies operating in the region. With that said, let’s take a long look at some of the best technology companies in Mountain View, California right now.


    Who wouldn’t want to work for tech giant Google?

    This tour de force company and search engine giant is one of the hottest enterprises around right now, and tech geeks and programmers can’t wait to find their way on Google’s payroll.

    What does Google do?

    Well, they are the largest search engine in the world. And even though search engines are where they got their start, this company has grown and expanded well beyond the search market at this point.

    Some of Google’s other businesses include the video sharing website YouTube, their social media site called Google+, Gmail, Google Hangouts, the Blogger website, Google Maps, Google Earth, and so many more interesting projects.

    Although this company originally started in a garage in 1995, Larry Page and Sergey Brinn recognized the power of the Internet, helped organize it with their search engine, and now they are a multibillion dollar company recognized throughout the globe.


    Originally founded in in April 1982, this global Fortune 500 powerhouse recognized the need to secure all of the massive amounts of information being generated on the web.

    This impressive organization provides website security products, VirusScan products, data loss prevention, endpoint protection, IT management suites, cloud workload protection and so much more.

    If you’re looking for a new job in the tech sector, landing at Symantec in Mountain View is certainly a dream that many people aspire to.

    As you can imagine, these highly paid positions are especially ideal for young professionals looking to use their computer skills to earn a healthy, comfortable living while making a difference for this amazing company.


    This technology powerhouse was originally founded in 1975 by Bill Gates, a man that really needs no introduction.

    Over the last 40+ years, this establishment has grown tremendously and has acquired many new, interesting, and invigorating businesses along the way.

    Sure, Microsoft owns the PC operating system business, but they also own the professional networking social media website LinkedIn, they own Skype, they are the makers of the Xbox video game franchise (Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc.) and they make so many amazing programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and so many more.

    If you’re looking for a tech based job in Mountain View, putting in your resume at Microsoft is definitely a great first step.

    If you have the skills and ability, you’ll definitely be a great fit to work at this amazing company doing incredible things to help advance technology.

    Adobe Systems

    At this point, most people will have heard of Adobe. They created the most popular PDF reader and it’s free and standard software on every PC.

    Well, Adobe Systems does a lot more than just make the best PDF reader. This multinational computer software company, headquartered in San Jose, California, historically focuses on creating creativity and multimedia software.

    Recently, the company has even entered into the field of rich Internet application software development.

    Obviously, if you have any interest in photo manipulation, then you are going to be a big fan of their premier program known as Photoshop.

    This image editing software is also the most popular of its kind. And it’s one of the major reasons why Adobe is such an international success even to this day.

    Cygnus Solutions

    Originally known as Cygnus Support, Cygnus Solutions was first founded by John Gilmore, David Henkel Wallace, and Michael Tiemann in 1989.

    What is the company’s main claim to fame?

    The reason this company became so successful was they provided commercial support for free software.

    They even had an interesting tagline when first starting out. It went: “Making free software affordable.”

    Cygnus Solutions maintained a number of GNU software products for many years. They even made major contributions to the GCC project and much more.

    They were also the original developer of Cygwin, which was a toolkit port to the Windows operating system.

    Back in 1999, on November 15, Red Hat merged with Cygnus Solutions. And since then the combined companies have been thriving in the tech world.

    Insignia Group

    In 1996, payment card issuer and travel related service provider Insignia Group was originally founded. The company has grown into a tech giant with a global presence in the luxury lifestyle management niche.

    Not only do they have an office in Mountain View, California, they also maintain offices internationally in Bratislava, Moscow, Valletta, and London.

    In order to maintain member exclusivity, the company’s membership rates maintain a 2 to 1 ratio. This way, they are capable of providing the utmost in personal assistance to their customers, and each individual customer can guarantee that they will receive high-quality, impeccable service.

    As of now, Insignia Group is recognized on an international scale as one of the elite luxury lifestyle management groups. They have many future products in their pipeline, and they intend to remain true to their vision of providing top level lifestyle management services for the affluent.

    SETI International

    The mission of this international organization is to explain the nature and origin of life throughout the universe. And they use this information to inspire and guide current generations and generations to come.

    SETI International is focused on passionate discovery. And their scientific ambassadors are proud to share knowledge and information with the government, the press, and members of the public.

    This organization is private and nonprofit, and completely dedicated to scientific education, research, and outreach to the public.

    They are located in Mountain View, California, and the company was originally founded in November 1984.

    As of right now, this amazing nonprofit organization employs more than 130 people. They have support staff, educators, scientists, and tech experts helping to explore and better understand the universe and how it began.


    This company has a sad beginning, but it all worked out in the end.

    It was originally dreamed up by Randall Lipps when his newborn daughter was hospitalized at birth.

    While at the hospital visiting his daughter, he recognized the inefficiency in the way the hospital medical supplies were managed.

    And because of this inefficiency, he realized that the nursing staff was sacrificing time that they could spend with patients because they were trying, and often failing, to deal with organizational issues.

    Omnicell was born out of this experience. And now it is one of the biggest companies around the world focused on increasing central pharmacy efficiency and compliance, ensuring safety and efficiency in patient care areas, and they’ve created a way to gain real-time inventory visibility and management diversion for hospitals all across the country.

    If you’re looking for a hot job in the medical industry, Omnicell should be your first stop if you’re putting in resumes in Mountain View, California.

    Kiva Software

    Kiva’s main claim to fame is that they are the pioneer and leading provider of Internet application server software. In January 1996, the company released the first application server to the world, and it offered a robust platform to develop transaction oriented business applications for the web.

    Kiva has many powerful and important customers including E*TRADE, Internet Shopping Network, Pacific Bell Internet, Hong Kong Telecom, Travelocity, and Bank of America to name a few.

    Kiva’s products include: Kiva Enterprise Server, Kiva Application Builder, and Kiva SDK.


    Although many of today’s businesses are focused on technology, it’s also possible to get a high paying, salt of the earth job at a fantastic American company like Walmart.

    Walmart was originally founded more than 50 years ago by Sam Walton.

    It started out as a single discount store and grew into the massive retail giant that we know and love today.

    At this moment, there are more than 11,500 Walmart retail stores all around the globe.

    In fact, this company has a presence in more than 28 different countries. And their stores are represented under 63 different banners including Sam’s Club, Walmart US, Walmart International and Global eCommerce.

    As you can see, this massive organization has a huge presence all around the world, and they are a great company to work for if you’re looking for a competitive salary, great benefits, and a job that you can really feel good about.

    Living in Luxury in Mountain View CA Apartments

    If you plan to work for one of the top tech companies in Mountain View, California, you can expect to experience two important things:

    Your technology and engineering experience will help you earn an excellent salary working for the biggest tech companies in the world.

    You will want to appreciate and enjoy living in luxury apartments with all of the best features and amenities.
    With that said, we are proud to recommend our absolute favorite apartments known as The Village Residences. When you live in The Village Residences, you get to experience life in the lap of luxury in ways that you’ve never imagined possible.

    As a matter of fact, there are many wonderful community amenities to take advantage of as a resident of The Village Residences.

    Our favorite community amenities include: atrium pool retreat, Parkside open-air terrace, bark greenspace and dog spot, scrub pet wash station, tanning room, private residential lounge, bike center, tech center, a library, a game room, Rise Café, kitchen and dining area, yoga studio, state-of-the-art gym, aqua lounge, fireside spa, and much more.


    If you intend to work at the top tech companies in Mountain View, California, we highly recommend enjoying the luxury apartments in The Village Residences. They offer the best apartments that money could buy, so take advantage today.