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    Delicious Dishes This Summer

    July 31, 2018

    Summer meals - The Village Residences Apts

    The summer is here and it’s going to be sticking around for a little while longer. Everyone living in apartments for rent in Palo Alto seems to be enjoying themselves so far. But the summer can get even better if you really want it to. You just have to take a moment to learn about some of amazing recipes to try that will really spruce up your summer meal plans and provide you and your loved ones with delicious food that only goes well with the warm weather.

    Everything in life is so much better when we have great tasting food to go along with the experience. Having a fun day at the park wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t bring along a picnic basket filled with delicious and tasty treats. Going to a friend’s house on a warm summer evening would not be all that exciting if at some point you didn’t choose to fire up the grill and make delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, and so many other amazing options.

    Food is the lifeblood that brings us all together. Great tasting food is what the summer is all about. To help you improve your summer in the best way possible, we’re going to share five of our most delicious and tastiest summer dishes with you today.

    1. Mint and Cumin Spiced Lamb Chops

    This summer dish is extra special because you hardly ever find it on anyone’s menu. Lamb rib chops are absolutely amazing and tastes phenomenal when they are served with onions, cilantro, parsley, fresh mint leaves, paprika, kosher salt, and other great tasting spices.

    After you prepare this meal, you can serve it with some of your favorite side dishes like rice, mashed potatoes, fresh steamed vegetables, or anything else that tickles your fancy.

    2. Israeli Couscous and Tomato Salad

    During the summertime, it often gets so hot that the last thing you want to do is slave over a stove all day. Well with this recipe, you’ll certainly have to spend a short time in front of the stove cooking up the couscous, but other than that this is a relatively summer friendly meal that isn’t going to make you feel like you’ll pass out from heatstroke.

    The ingredients include thinly sliced red onion, a head of radicchio, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, the Israeli couscous, grilled tomatoes, kosher sea salt, shaved ricotta salata, fresh oregano, chopped toasted almonds, parsley leaves, and other amazing tasting spices.

    3. Summer Rolls

    Sushi fanatics are going to absolutely love this next idea for an amazing summer dish. Veggie lovers are also going to be pleasantly surprised and impressed too.

    The beauty of adding Summer Rolls to your menu is you can make them with sushi, fresh vegetables if you prefer not to eat fish, or other tiny pieces of protein. It all comes down to your personal tastes and preferences, which makes this a very versatile summer meal.

    It’s important to know that this type of dish isn’t necessarily the easiest to make. It is time-consuming, you have to have very delicate sensibilities, and you have to be willing to put in an effort to make this meal possible when first trying it out.

    This dish contains red bell peppers, carrots, Persian cucumbers, avocado, red chilies, cilantro leaves, mint leaves, bibb lettuce leaves, soy sauce, sweet Japanese rice wine, fresh lime juice, unseasoned rice wine and rice noodles on top of the “protein” which could either consist of shrimp, chicken, or tofu.

    4. Ginger Pork and Cucumber Salad

    This pork recipe tastes truly amazing if you are a ginger lover. Some people don’t like the flavor and it’s definitely an acquired taste, so please keep that in mind. But if you love ginger you’re definitely going to love this fantastic meal.

    In total, it will take about a half hour to prep and cook the entire meal. It’s made up of ground pork, canola oil, long grain white rice, small red chilies, grated fresh ginger, low-sodium soy sauce, fresh lime juice, too cloves of garlic, brown sugar, scallions, English cucumber, and fresh mint and cilantro.

    If any of those ingredients sound appetizing to you, you should seriously consider giving this dish a try. You’re definitely going to love it and it’s a great summer dish.

    5. Old Bay Shrimp

    Shrimp and seafood lovers often tend to be big fans of this delectable dish. But if you don’t love shrimp, you’re obviously not going to be a big fan of this meal.

    It’s very easy to make and it will only take you about five minutes to prepare the dish and another 3 to 5 minutes to cook it. So if you’re looking for a fast meal during the summertime, this is definitely going to be a great option that you’ll certainly love.

    The dish is made up of shell on deveined shrimp, olive oil, Old Bay seasoning, and chopped parsley. That’s all there is to it. Just slap all the ingredients together and cook it on high heat for 3 to 5 minutes turning it over once and you’ll have great tasting shrimp to devour.

    Again, this is an excellent option for anyone looking for a quick and tasty meal to enjoy during the summertime. It cooks quickly so you don’t have to slave over a hot stove all day and night, which is definitely an added bonus. Plus it absolutely tastes amazing, which is what we’re all looking for in a great tasting dish.

    Summertime Meals Taste Amazing in Apartments for Rent in Palo Alto

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