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    Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

    October 31, 2017

    Woman Cleaning The House - The Village Residences Apts

    The holiday season is here. Halloween is just around the corner. Thanksgiving will follow shortly after that. Christmas will be upon us faster than we think. During this time, we've got a lot on our plates, and a lot to prepare for. Are you ready to get your home ready for the challenges that await? For those of you in The Village Residences, you've got life made in the comfort of one of the finest buildings in Mountain View. Even here, though, there's plenty for you to do to get ready for the rush. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your holidays go off without a hitch.

    Preparing For What Will Come

    There's countless advice out there already, much of it centered around preparing for houseguests that will inevitably be coming to crash out in your spare room or on your couch for the duration of the season. This is sensible, and the steps you take in preparing for these guests will also go a long way in getting you prepared for the holidays in general.

    Broadly speaking you'll want to start by making sure the entrance to your home is welcoming. As The Huffington Post notes, it's the first thing that your guests see when coming to your home, and it will set the initial tone for their visit. With that in mind, make it look nice. Clean up, add a holiday-appropriate wreath to the door, and then prepare yourself for your next tasks.

    You'll want to make sure the rest of your home is clean so that you aren't giving off the wrong impression to your guests. It might seem like a monumental task, but that's only if you're doing it wrong. As both The Spruce and Apartment Guide attest, you can get it done quickly if you set a game plan and stick to it:

    "Focusing on rooms that pick up a lot of foot traffic and sticking to a few essential chores can really get your apartment spic and span with plenty of time still left on the clock. If you have a roommate, kids, or a significant other that can help out, you can do even more house cleaning in less time."

    One of the main things you can focus on to keep yourself orderly and methodical is the fact that you've only got a few rooms to tackle: the living area, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Each will require slightly different tools and cleaning solutions, but on the whole, the pattern from one to the other doesn't vary wildly. You'll need to clean the floors, the surfaces, then straighten and tidy up an items. In your living area, this might mean straightening up that Blu-Ray collection or stack of books. For your bedroom, make up your bed (finally) and vacuum the carpet. Break out the glass cleaner when you head to the bathroom, and get those appliances spotless when you move to the kitchen.

    While you're cleaning, you should also be keeping an important fact in mind: you'll need to make room for more people being in your home. All signs of clutter should be taken care of, and you'll have to prep some extra storage space for your guest. Give them a place to hang their coat. If they'll be staying in a spare bedroom, clear out some space in a dresser that they can use to store their things.

    With the focus still on the guests, you'll want to load up on living essentials so they have stuff to use while they are in your home. They'll need towels, sheets, pillows, and all of those other supplies you generally take for granted when you're in your own space. There won't be any confusion when they show up without their own stuff, and you'll come out looking like an A+ host.

    You can throw in some finishing touches like getting some candles to make your home smell nice, then it's on to the most essential of holiday preparation tasks: decorating. Now, this will vary based upon which specific holiday you're preparing for, but in general, you've got a few key steps to follow.

    First, get those essential items that correspond to each holiday. For Halloween it's the pumpkin, during Thanksgiving, its the basket with the dried produce and fake-turkey sculptures, and for Christmas, you've got to have the Christmas tree and some stockings. Once you have that centerpiece, start decorating around it, using it as a guide for colors, patterns, and other small touches you'll place about your home.

    There's no shortage of decorating guides that will provide you with the inspiration you need to design the perfect holiday living space. Additionally, many of them are general enough that you can apply the tips that you learn to all aspects of your decorating, regardless of the specific holiday in question. If you need to do things on the cheap, you might consider budget-friendly advice guides, or turn to the realm of DIY to get the things you need done on your own:

    "The trick to successfully updating your home without spending a fortune is thinking outside the box. For instance, painting a door in lacquer black will absolutely add an instant dose of glamour of to your home, and sometimes just changing your light bulbs can make a world of difference."

    And with that, you've got your home more or less ready for holidays and any friends or family that might be rolling into town. Now all that's left is for you to kick back and relax.

    At The Village Residences, Relaxation Comes Easy

    How could it not, at such a luxurious compound? This is one of Mountain View's fines, and it's centrally located around much of what this part of Northern California has to offer so you can venture out and have a great time. The floorplans are all well-modern and will give you an edge when it comes time for that holiday decorating (with such contemporary design, just a few finishing touches are all you'll need). On top of that, you've got access to some of the finest features and amenities a rental community can offer, so you (and your eventual guests) can kick back in style. This is the new standard, and you can check out what your life at The Village Residences would look like today.