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    Make Your Own Holiday Gift

    November 30, 2017

    Holiday Gift - The Village Residences Apts

    Now there’s an interesting prospect -- creating your own holiday gift. Going DIY is a favorite activity for many, and when it comes to Christmas gifts, there are plenty of additional reasons to try a handmade gift for your special someones. They’re unique, they’re inventive, they’re deeply personal, plus, when you create them in the right setting, the experience itself is superbly joyful. Where would you find a communal space for creating Christmas gifts? Residents of the apartments for rent in Mountain View can pop on over to the Urban Air Market on December 1st for the Make Your Own Holiday Gift event and find out. This outdoor marketplace, the largest for sustainable design, is making its debut on the Oakland Waterfront, and you’ll not want to miss what they have in store if you want to try your hand at a handcrafted gift this holiday season.

    The Urban Air Market: What You Need To Know

    So, first things first -- who are these Urban Air Market folks? They sum it up themselves on their rather slick webpage:

    “Urban Air Market is a curated marketplace for sustainable design. We connect independent artists and designers with their ideal customers through a unique shopping experience that builds community and supports the local economy.”

    The idea first came to fruition in 2005, and has since morphed into the largest outdoor design festival in the country, the only independent one focused on sustainable design. If you’re all-in on eco-friendliness, this will be the kind of event for you, as they feature numerous brands and independent creators who embody those same values.

    Now, onto this Oakland holiday debut. On Friday, December 1st, at 6:30PM in Jack London Square, the so-called “Meet The Makers” crafting hour kicks off. This thrilling event, a part of MAKE SMTHNG Week (think of it as a week of action where people come together to gather first hand experience on making more of what they already own), will put:

    “20 DIY stations at your fingertips to create everything from screen-printed wrapping paper and flower pressed cards to artisan body products, terrariums, and one of a kind accessories.”

    Exactly which stations are those? Urban Air Market lists them all in a succinct blog post about the event:

    Fractal Flora: DIY terrarium station.
    Skincare by Feleciai: Make your own bath salts pink Himalayan salts and essential oils.
    DESO: Survival bracelets made from paracord.
    StudioNico: Giftwrap station and screenprinting wrapping paper.
    Rich & Riot: Ring making class.
    Frenchie Couture: Build your own bandanna for your dog or cat!
    Color Cloud Mill: Beginner’s block printing workshop.
    Endless Journey: Screen pressing ink onto poster paper.
    Bethany Eden Watercolor: Watercolor holiday cards.
    cleverhands: Hand bind a notebook.
    Paloma: Leather tree ornaments.
    more the merrlier: Collage your own holiday cards.
    Tap Tap SF: Make your own lip scrub.
    BrookeLyn Ceramics: Ceramic tree ornaments.
    1×1: Natural dye demonstration with silk ribbons to tie up your gifts.
    Miss Velvet Cream: Punk Rock Rosettes
    Butterfly Jeans: Make your own denim tassel ornament, bookmark, or cat toy.
    Guro Designs: Mini plant hammocks out of cork.

    The titles are mostly self-explanatory, but reading the options fills the mind with some delightful ideas. Imagine having a leisurely sit-down at the terrarium station, then experimenting with glass, dirt, stone, sand, and flora to create your ideal setup. Or using the watercolors to craft the perfect landscape for a stunning holiday card. These options (and many more) are exactly what you’ll get the chance to do at the Urban Air Market.

    As for those expert makers who will be guiding you through the various processes, you can check them out on Urban Air Market’s blog as well. Rich & Riot, for instance, is a clothing line developed by Oakland-raised fashion visionary Kamilah, dedicated to cultivating “the essence of high fashion while maintaining practicality and functionality for daily life.” Bethany Eden Watercolor, on the other hand, brings the stunning work of Bethany Eden to the public view, focusing on solemn figures that are “often found observing their surroundings, creating a call to contemplation and solitude.” The work of these fantastic craftsmen (and many others) await at the market. Be sure to view the full list of vendors here.

    Did we mention there will perks and extras at this event? From the Facebook Page:

    “Make a day out of it with delicious food trucks, samples from SAVA, an adoption center from SPCA, and a photo booth courtesy of Say Ya! for your holiday greeting cards needs. No more awkward matching Christmas sweaters! (Unless that's your thing).”

    That’s right, in addition to crafting your own amazing holiday gifts, there will be a chance to try some sumptuous eats, get your photo taken, and even look at some sweet puppies (if you’re in the market for adopting, of course). The fun doesn’t quit once the DIY portion of the market ends. On Sunday, December 3rd, the regular market will be in full swing, and you can peruse the handiwork of over 140 vendors:

    “Come back on Sunday, December 3rd for our regular holiday market, where we’ll have over 140+ vendors of local and handmade clothing, accessories, home goods, and beauty products! We’re also featuring members of the Sustainable Fashion Alliance, so you can score ethically made goods for your socially conscious friends and family.”

    There are thousands already interested in this event, and the market is getting a fair bit of play in the press as well. The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran a piece, “Nifty Gifty Holiday Fairs Around The Bay Area,” in which the Urban Air Market was listed among other notables like the Bay Area Made Holiday Market and Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium:

    “For the sustainably focused on your shopping list, check out this holiday market at Oakland’s Jack London Square where all products are either part of the Sustainable Fashion Alliance or are Fair Trade USA-approved brands.”

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