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    Mt View Art & Wine Festival

    August 29, 2019

    glass of wine with sparklers

    If you were thinking that this year’s festival season had come to close now that August had rolled around, think again. The Mountain View Art & Wine Festival will soon be coming to delight the residents of the apartments for rent in Palo Alto, and this fabulous September event is one that you won’t want to miss. Here’s what you’ll need to know in advance.

    The 48th Annual Art & Wine Festival

    You read that right. This year will be Mountain View’s 48th installment of the Art & Wine Festival, and just like preceding years, there will be plenty to do and plenty to see during this stunning two-day event. It’ll all be taking place on Castro Street, between El Camino Real and Evelyn Avenue, on September 7th and 8th. During that weekend, the street will make a startling transformation, the likes of which you’ve never seen.

    Imagine, if you will, a combination of feast, festival, art show, and concert. That’s essentially the Art & Wine Festival in a nutshell as it will be showing off some of Silicon Valley’s finest across several categories of interest — and you’ll get an opportunity to enjoy it all.

    The arts & crafts, for instance, will represent over “500 of America’s top artists and craftmakers” showing off their “original works in ceramics, fiber, glass, fine art, jewelry, leather, metal, paper, sculpture, and wood.” That will be a lot of arts and crafts, and you’ll be able to peruse the collection, gawk at pieces you like, and maybe even purchase the pieces you adore.

    Food will also feature prominently at the Festival. The list of local favorites and delicious offerings is a long one, and includes some standout options like “organic fresh fruit pops, non-alcoholic Pina Coladas served in real pineapples and coconuts; crispy corn dogs, beer battered garlic, crab and truffle fries; succulent chicken and pork on-a-stick, teriyaki chicken rice bowls, chicken over noodles; Indonesian satay chicken and meats, fried noodles, egg rolls and pot stickers.”

    Of course, fine food would be nothing without some yummy drinks to wash them down, which is where the “wine” portion of this Art & Wine Festival comes into play. If you’re not a fan of wine, though, don’t worry. You’ll still be well taken care of, since the festival will also be featuring a rather hefty beer selection, along with seltzers, ciders, kombucha, and just plain old water.

    And before we forget, the musical entertainment will also be a big part of the show. Check out the bands at the Recology Concert Stage in the Civic Center Plaza, and you’ll not be disappointed by the lineup or their infectiously energetic sets.

    There Will Be Even More Fun and Excitement Around the Apartments for Rent in Palo Alto

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