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    Mountain View Art Festival

    April 30, 2018

    Mountain View Art Festival - The Village Residences Apts

    By living in apartments in Mountain View CA, you are a member of an enriching, welcoming community. And as a member of this Mountain View community, you have the opportunity to get involved in some exciting events that take place throughout the year. In particular, were talking about the À La Carte & Art Festival happening on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo.

    So, if you really appreciate art and the artists that create these wonderful paintings, sculptures, murals, and all other art related items like collages, drawings, ceramics, candles, wood carvings, photographs, and more, then you’ll absolutely love attending this stimulating event right in the backyard of your own community.

    To help you get a better idea of exactly what’s going to happen at this event, we’re going to share some of the specific details about it, and we’ll tell you about the local artists attending the event, and so much more.

    So if you ever wanted to attend an art festival but just never had the time or inclination to do so until now, we highly recommend checking out this occasion coming up in the next few weeks. We’ll give you specific details about when it’s happening, where it’s happening, and so much more below. So stick around and find out all you ever needed to know about the À La Carte & Art Festival happening in Mountain View, California in the near future.

    When Is the Art Festival Taking Place in Mountain View, CA?

    This year, the 22nd annual À La Carte & Art experience is happening on May 5 and May 6, 2018, between 10 AM and 6 PM on both days. The event is being held in downtown Mountain View on Castro Street, and all are welcome to visit the festival, look at the art, buy items from the street vendors, and enjoy the atmosphere because this only happens once a year so you might as well take advantage of it while it’s here.

    If you are an art lover, you are definitely going to adore this festival and everything that it represents. We have to do everything that we can to support local artists in our community, and this is a great way to help pay it forward and give these artists a chance to create beautiful wares, pictures, sculptures, and a wide range of other practical and artistic pieces for all to truly appreciate.

    This is one of the most exciting’s festivals taking place in the Silicon Valley this year, so you definitely do not want to miss it. It’s considered a celebration of art, music, food, and family fun. There’s going to be so much going on that it’s hard to keep up with it all, but you’ll do your best because you’re going to have a wonderful time and your family and friends are going to be so excited that you invited them to this beautiful celebration.

    What Can I Expect to See and Do at the Mountain View Art Festival on Castro Street?

    First of all, before we get into the specifics, we wanted to take time to mention the Mountain View Central Business Association. They are the organization that works hard to host and promote this special event, so we’d like to give them an extra special virtual round of applause and thank them for taking time out of their busy schedule to make this wonderful experience happen for all the local artists in the community. So thank you for hosting this event for the 22nd time in a row, which is really special and the community applauds you for this wonderful opportunity.

    While you are visiting Castro Street in Mountain View, you will have a chance to enjoy this open air Festival for two days from 10 AM to 6 PM, and it really is something to get excited about because the whole community often shows up in attendance. During the festival, you’ll get to appreciate some stellar live music, beautiful arts and crafts, and more than 200 of the top local artists on the West Coast showcasing their handcrafted wares, fine wine and craft beer, fabulous drinks and food, and even fresh seasonal produce at the farmer’s market.

    That’s not all because there’s so much more happening at this festival besides all of the exciting things we’ve already talked about. There will also be artisan specialty food purveyors, health and wellness displays, organic greens and produce, exhibits for homes and Gardens, a classic car show being hosted by Hot San Jose Nights, and plenty of amusements for the kids complements of Super Duper Fun Zone.

    What Kinds of Amusements Are Available for the Kids during This Event?

    As we already alluded to above, there are many wonderful amusements for the kids to appreciate and enjoy. Plus, they’ll have a chance to meet other youngsters of a similar age and they may even make some new friends while they are here. But even if they don’t, there are so many great things for kids to do that it’s not even funny.

    The children will be able to participate in a wide range of activities like the super bungee incredible bungee trampoline, the waterballerz inflatable ball, the 24 foot rock climbing wall, Bolt in a bottle designs, the party animals puppet show, and so many other exciting activities that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

    Plus, the kids really seem to enjoy getting temporary tattoos. Local henna artist Renu Lal is ready to hook the kids up with some of today’s popular designs. But don’t worry moms and dads, because the ink will eventually wash away because these are not permanent tattoos so it’s certainly safe for the kids.

    Visit the À La Carte & Art Festival from Apartments in Mountain View CA

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