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    Mountain View Farmers Market

    August 31, 2018

    Mountain View Farmers Market - The Village Residences Apts

    As a resident of apartments in Mountain View CA you probably spend lots of time working hard to afford the finer things in life. While you most likely eat delicious meals at some of the finest restaurants in Mountain View and in the Silicon Valley, you may want to eat healthy meals at home from time to time on occasion as well.

    If you fall into this category, you definitely need to begin visiting the Mountain View Farmers Market as often as it is convenient. This market provides the perfect opportunity to get healthy fruits and vegetables at affordable prices, and since it’s the third largest of its kind in the entire state of California, you’ll be happy to know that you can get your hands on the tastiest baked goods, fresh and organic produce, and even fresh flowers if you have a need.

    So it’s time to get up off of the couch and head over to the farmers market. It’s perfect because there are more than 80 farmers and vendors on hand every Sunday morning from 9 AM to 1 PM. Since the market is located at Mountain View Caltrain Station, it’s literally right in your neighborhood, there is free parking in the vicinity of the event, and you’ll definitely score some tasty and healthy produce and baked goods while you are here.

    With that said, let’s learn more about the Mountain View Farmers Market. So stick around to discover the truth and everything you ever needed to know about this exciting weekly experience.

    The Benefits of Buying from Your Local Farmers Market

    Some people can easily convince themselves that buying produce from the supermarket is the same as buying from their local farmers market. Nothing could be further from the truth as you are about to find out. In fact, your quality of life and your health will improve tremendously if you regularly purchase your fresh fruits and veggies from the Mountain View Farmers Market as opposed to the local supermarket chain.

    The benefits of buying locally far outweigh any health benefits that you might get from buying organic produce in the supermarket. By buying locally, you are supporting your local agricultural community. You are eating food grown directly in the vicinity of your home, which means it hasn’t traveled very far. This is important because the closer the food to your home, the fresher and more vitamin rich it will actually be. It will have more nutrients and be a lot healthier for you which is certainly a good thing.

    Plus, local farmers need to support themselves. And the best way for them to support themselves is to provide delicious organically grown fruits and vegetables to the Mountain View community. So not only are you benefiting your own health, you’re also helping local farmers earn a living so they can continue to provide delicious produce to you, your family, and everyone else in the community.

    Next, buying organic fruits and vegetables from the local farmers market is the more economical way to purchase these items. They are going to be a lot cheaper if you buy affordably priced produce at the farmers market, and you know that you are buying delicious food that is herbicide and pesticide free.

    Even better, when you’re shopping at the farmers market you are actually buying fruits and veggies from the people who grow it. So you can talk to them and ask them about their farming practices, learn their methods, and realize that you are getting the best food in your community. This will definitely make you feel better about your health and support of the local economy.

    Finally, you also have an opportunity to eat the best seasonal food possible when buying from the local farmers market. Supermarkets tend to stock a wide variety of food all the time, and much of it is out of season. So you end up paying top dollar for fruits and vegetables that are far from fresh and often quite tasteless. By buying seasonal fruit and veggies from local farmers at the farmers market, you’ll guarantee that everything is ripe, fresh, healthy, and incredibly tasty as well!

    What Can I Expect at the Mountain View Farmers Market?

    Visiting the Mountain View Farmers Market is definitely a good thing for a wide variety of reasons. For starters, you have an opportunity to connect with other members of your local community. This is a good thing if you have a difficult time meeting people, because everybody here will be your neighbors and members of the community, so you can get to know them better by chatting with them as you purchase your produce and baked goods.

    Obviously, you can expect to see more than 80 vendors provide fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and flowers to members of your community. Everything is organically grown and herbicide and pesticide free, so you know you’re getting the healthiest food that Mother Nature has to offer.

    Most people don’t even think about this, but shopping at your local Mountain View Farmers Market is also a great way to save money on groceries and other expenses. Instead of buying packaged food from your local supermarket and paying top dollar, you can buy lots of fresh fruits and veggies and healthy grass fed beef and make yourself incredible meals in the comfort of your own home.

    You’ll know you’re eating food that is incredibly healthy, nutrient rich, and very satisfying. And you’ll save a small fortune in the process just by preparing your own meals and forgoing packaged food that costs an arm and a leg.

    Become a Weekly Visitor to the Farmers Market When Living in Apartments in Mountain View CA

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