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    Mountain View Nightlife

    September 22, 2017

    Mountain View Nightlife - The Village Residences Apts

    Located in Northern California, Mountain View is at the heart of Silicon Valley. With San Francisco only about an hour’s drive away, and San Jose as short as a 17-minute drive, you have your several choices in where to spend your time. Every day is an adventure. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the wide selection of entertainment, we are here to help you out. Reada on to learn what you can do in Mountain View on a Saturday night (and why you should consider luxury apartments in San Jose).

    1. Bing Concert Hall

    Bing Concert Hall is a beautiful setting. The sound is awesome, let alone the music is top rate. Feel free to drive down on a Saturday night to the Concert Hall. You don’t have to worry about seating or the view, as no matter where you are seated, you will have a good view. Listen to an array of spoken word, jazz, classical, synthesized music, or opera. Overall, no matter what you come here for, you will be amazed by the sound quality. Know that there is a coat check, however, walking in the stadium will make you feel like royalty. Be preprared for a musical adventure and a “classically fun” time. If you are hungry, you can always grab some delicious snacks to munch on. What are you waiting for? Grab some tickets and check Bing Concert Hall out for yourself!

    2. Century Cinemas 16

    A movie is always a good choice on a Saturday, however, here in Mountain View, we take it up a notch. Instead of sitting just on any old cushioned theatre seats, enjoy the leather reclining chairs Century Cinema 16 has to offer its movie goers. And, while you’re at it, indulge in a refreshing alcoholic beverage (if you are over 21 years of age); Century Cinemas 16 offers those at the legal alcoholic drinking age wine or beer (no hard alcohol), with up to three alcoholic beverages allowed to be purchased per visit. Also, rest assured, that the movie theater also offers your classic assortment of movie theater snacks: popcorn, hot dogs, candy, and soda, all available at the snack stand.

    With the reclining, leather seats and choice of drink beverages and snacks, you’d think Century Cinemas 16 would be charging movie goers $20 a ticket (if not more); however, breathe a sigh of relief, the experience only costs you $14 per ticket—the same price in several other movie theaters (except without the all of the extra amenities Century Cinemas 16 offers). And, when you are enjoying the move, know that movie goers who have been to Century Cinemas 16 have raved about the other movie watchers being respectful and quiet, which makes the movie watching experience all the more captivating. And, if you aren’t in the mood to order tickets at the booth or the line is too long, you can order them at the kiosk.

    3. Levi’s Stadium

    Care to watch the legendary San Francisco 49ers on a Saturday night? Go to Levi’s Stadium, the home of that football team we’ve grown up to love. The stadium is relatively new and clean. There is a variety of food to choose from so you don’t have to eat a huge dinner hours before the game. If you aren’t a football fan or the San Francisco 49ers aren’t your favorite team of choice, Levi’s Stadium has other entertainment you can purchase tickets for.

    These range from concerts to yes, NFL games and college football. If you are about ready to celebrate a significant work event, you can also have the company celebration party at Levi’s Stadium. Overall, when you walk in and get to your seats, you will have a relatively good view of the “center stage.” However, we recommend that, when purchasing your tickets, you should try and check the weather before confirming your seating choices; if it is a sunny day, you could risk facing the sun (which could affect your viewing experience). Overall though we recommend that you order some tickets and experience Levi’s Stadium for yourself!

    4. California’s Great America

    Since you are in Northern California, you have to go to one of Six Flag’s franchises, California’s Great America. Filled with epic roller coaster rides that will push you to the max, Six Flags is the perfect place to go for a date or with friends on a Saturday night (or day!). Spend Saturday at Six Flags eating at the large array of snack flags, riding Six Flag’s classics such as Gold Striker, Flight Deck, and Drop Zone, not to mention, watching the fireworks. Know that if you do go to Six Flags, we recommend that you come prepared: for the day, wear sunscreen and drink lots of water. Be prepared for a fun filled adventure at California’s Great America.

    Final Thoughts About Entertainment at or Around Mountain View

    Overall, Mountain View offers an array of entertainment options for you to choose from for your Saturday night. If you are in the mood to enjoy music with friends, why not book tickets for Bing City Hall. If you would rather sit on comfy, reclining seats, sipping on a glass of red win, then Century Cinema 16 is the place for you.

    Feeling like singing “We are the Champions” at the top of your lungs? Head down to Levi’s Stadium for an epic football game. Or perhaps you are into thrilling roller coasters? In which case, drive down to California’s Great America. We guarantee that no matter what you end up choosing, you will have a great Saturday night. What other places do you recommend to go to on a Saturday night in Mountain View? Leave a comment!

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