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    New Luxury Movie House in Town

    October 18, 2018

    man relaxing in movie house the village mountain view

    Living in Palo Alto CA apartments just got a little bit sweeter now that the new luxury movie house just opened on October 5 in Mountain View, CA). The city is excited about this posh moving going experience that it can provide for residences in the community. It’s also perfect for people living around Mountain View like residence in Palo Alto, who are just a hop, skip, and jump away.

    If you are a movie buff, you are definitely in for a major treat because there are so many great features and amenities that this wonderful movie theater is going to offer you and other residents of the local community. It’s going to help you take your movie going experience to another level, because of the exciting new viewing technology, the high-end screens, the top level audio, and the amazing atmosphere as well as many other features that we’ll tell you about below.

    So, the movie lover in you should definitely get excited because your viewing experience is about to get that much better. To find out just how great things are in this freshly open theater, please stick with us a little while longer to discover the truth in all of its glory.

    Is This the First Time Mountain View, CA Is Getting a Luxury Movie Theater?

    You would think that Mountain View California has had a luxury movie theater of this type all along, but you’d be wrong. Believe it or not, the luxury movie going experience is brand-new to the community, and this was officially designed this way when Merlone Geier was formally redesigning the entire San Antonio Shopping Center.

    The beautiful thing about this movie theater is it’s located in a four hundred thousand square-foot space and a huge office complex that is going to be the home to hundreds of employees working for Facebook. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that many of these Facebook employees are going to appreciate and enjoy the luxury movie going experience, so this theater is expected to be very busy for many years to come.

    Even though luxury movie theaters haven’t found their way to Mountain View, CA to this degree just yet, it’s not a completely brand-new concept at this point either. Century Cinema 16 – located on Shoreline Boulevard – has attempted to upgrade their movie theater going experience by adding plush lounge chairs in some of their theaters. And other theaters have updated their concession stands with higher-quality food instead of your typical popcorn, candy, and hotdogs.

    But as you are about to learn, the brand-new luxurious ShowPlace Icon theater in the San Antonio shopping center is taking luxury movie going to the next level. It truly is an exciting and amazing experience as you are going to learn more about now.

    What Makes the ShowPlace Icon Movie Going Experience so Luxurious and Special?

    For anyone looking to learn more about this theater going experience, it’s important to know that this movie house has a wide range of features and amenities that you will certainly appreciate. So it’s definitely going to provide a bigger, better, and more exciting movie experience all around.

    For starters, they have Icon X, which has many visual enhancements and enhancements to the projection. It also has a brand-new incredibly powerful surround sound system known as Dolby Atmos, with more than 60 speakers, 40 amplifiers, and the audio power is 100,000 W, which will make it seem like you are experiencing the sound of the movie like you are actually there.

    The recliner situation has definitely improved in this movie theater as well. The theater is now fully equipped with red carpet recliners, which are private recliners that provide serious luxury and comfort to guests visiting the theater. You’ll have a chance to really sit down in your seat and get comfortable in a soft, cushiony recliner that allows you to put your feet up, relax, and have room for your beverages and food without having to constantly bend over to pick up popcorn or your soda off of the floor. This luxury experience is definitely worth it and one that many of their current customers are already bragging about.

    VIP premier reserved seating is also another huge feature that customers can’t seem to get enough of already. Everybody wants to have the perfect seat in the theater when they are seeing a movie that they’ve been dying to see for a while. With VIP premier reserved seating, you can choose your seat well in advance, pick your luxurious red carpet recliner in the perfect position that you love in front of the movie screen, and you’ll feel so relaxed and comfortable that you’ll be excited to see more and more movies at this theater over and over again.

    They also have VIP 21+ premier reserved seating for those 21 years or older. Not only will you get large leathery chairs, you’ll be seated in an adult only section with tables that will allow you to enjoy food and adult beverages during the movie which is totally awesome as you can imagine.

    The movie projectors have been upgraded completely to 4K ultra bright. This makes the images practically seem like they come to life on the screen, and as far as the immersive 3-D experience is concerned, these ultra bright images are so powerful that it almost seems like the movie is happening in real time.

    Other features include close captioning, high frame rate enhanced to 48 frames per second, real 3-D, Dolby surround 7.1, and assisted listening devices.

    They’ve Taken Luxury Movie Going to the Next Level for Residents Living in Palo Alto CA Apartments

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