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    Outdoors In Mountain View

    September 29, 2017

    Mountain View Outdoor Activities - The Village Residences Apts

    With a name like Mountain View, you'd probably expect the area to be one that most would consider "outdoorsie." It's something of a contrast, however, since the area is also home to some of the largest tech giants in the United States, big names like Google, Mozilla, Symantec, and several others. Anyone looking for Mountain View apartments for rent should prepare themselves for an environ that cherishes the majesty of being at one with nature that surrounds it. But how to best embrace your so-called "outdoorsie side?" For first timers and newcomers, it might take get some getting used to, but starting by diving headfirst into some of these fun outdoor activities will go a long way into getting into the spirit of this unique part of Santa Clara, just south of the pristine San Francisco Bay.

    Start By Hitting The Parks And Trails

    There are a great many paths, routes, and trails in Mountain View that make themselves prime choices for hiking, biking, and more. With so many to pick from, you might consider it difficult to narrow down your choices, but for starters, why not stick with two of the most prominent?

    We'll start at the Bay Trail, which juts out into the Bay and provides some interesting views of the surrounding area. It's segmented, offering a variety of elements along different parts of the route. The Moffett Field section, in particular, has a great many enthusiasts and is perhaps one of the most well-liked parts of the stretch.

    Running, by far, remains one of the most popular activities here. Those "great views" provide plenty of inspiration to keep driving forward, while also aiding in that sort of runner's meditation that works well while surrounded by the grandeur of the outdoors. You might even catch a glimpse of the many wild bird species that inhabit the area, flocking around the Bay in great numbers.

    Biking is somewhat hindered here by the rockiness of some sections of the path, but if you're not deterred by that (or the winds that rage in the afternoons), you'll be treated to a virtually crowd-free ride that allows you catch some speed and perfect your technique as only this serene trail can.

    If you'd like something with a bit more density in terms of flora and fauna, the Stevens Creek Trail might be the option for you instead. A "multi-purpose trail offering various outdoor recreational opportunities for both locals and tourists," Stevens Creek cuts through the marshes and wildlife areas of Mountain View, offering a peek at the animal life therein. You might come across hawks and swallows, for sure, but might also run into raccoons an opossums as well. The species here are divers, and whether you're cycling, running, or just came to look, they add an element to the trail that lets you know you're really getting in touch with that outdoorsman within.

    We'd be remiss not to mention famous Shoreline Park, nestled right against the Shoreline Lake. Once a landfill, this area has been transformed into pristine example of natural beauty:

    "The 750-acre wildlife and recreation area with it’s beautiful setting by the San Francisco Bay has gorgeous views of the mountains to the west and east across the bay."

    The opportunities for outdoor excitement are varied. You might elect to take part in a few holes of golf, go sailing, jog, hike, or just sit about and take in the atmosphere. You'll see plenty of wildlife here, including birds and other species, along with historical attractions that delve into the area's rich past.

    Take A Motorcycle Journey

    Being outdoorsy doesn't necessarily mean foregoing motorized transportation. The amazing views available in this part of California, coupled with some of the long stretches of open road make for a fine place to do some motorcycle touring. The so called "Highway 25 Loop," for instance, starts in Mountain View, taking riders down south to San Lucas, then looping back up through San Benito and Hollister before returning to the Bay Area. Many other "motorcycle roads" exist in the area, and you'll have a grand time discovering and riding as many as you so choose.

    One of the great things about motorcycle touring, particularly around Mountain View, is that it's also a way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with a group. You can gather up a crew of your trusted riding mates, or check out the scores of meetups specifically oriented toward group riding throughout the Bay to quench your thirst for two-wheeled adventures.

    Try Your Hand At Archery

    This ancient artform was made for the outdoors. Would you believe there's been an explosion of popularity in Mountain View? Both adults and kids can take up the practice, improving their skills and learning how to aim and shoot among the beauty of the outdoors. There are plenty of classes available in and around Mountain View, all offering to teach the basic principles of setting up a bow, adopting proper posture, and, of course, nailing the target from various distances.

    What's more, it's a step into a new outdoorsy lifestyle, one supported by a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts. Like taking a lengthy motorcycle tour around the area, you'll meet all sorts of people from all walks of life while participating in this new hobby, and, with any luck, you'll be able to find a great practice range to go to that puts you among the best views that the area has to offer.

    Mountain View Apartments For Rent

    Are what make all of what the area has to offer in terms of outdoor enjoyment possible. Combining all the best elements of the stunning community is The Village Residences, a contemporary setting that puts residents right near all of the streets, shops, and neighborhood attractions they're interested in. Centrally located in Mountain View, nothing in the area is out of reach. A range of floor plans make for living arrangements that fit all lifestyles, and the building amenities provide convenience that exemplifies the modern rental experience.