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    Raising Kids in Mountain View

    August 25, 2017

    Family in Mountainview - The Village Residences Apts

    At some point in our lives we start thinking about settling down and raising a family, it just comes naturally. While some may view that as the end to a party lifestyle, the truth of the matter is that it simply means seriously considering where the best place for your future children will be. However, finding the ideal place to balance work, raising kids, and all the other facets of life can prove to be a real challenge.

    Thankfully, there are websites dedicated to finding the best towns and cities in the U.S. where you can get ready for a bright future complete with expanding your family. Mountain View, home to Carmel's The Village apartments, was just ranked as one of those top 5 places in California. If that peaks your interest, here's why.

    The Number One Place to Work

    The Google Complex, known locally as the Googleplex, opened its doors in 2004 here in Mountain View. Aside from its corporate aspect of offices and labs, this job comes with a ton of perks. Employees can enjoy on-site laundry, two swimming pools, sand volleyball courts and free cafeterias. That is, of course, aside from the Wi-Fi enabled shuttles that can take workers from San Francisco to the East and South bay.
    All of these features and then some earned this complex the #1 Best Place to Work ranking from CNN money in 2014. If you happen to have a degree that would put you inside any of Google's offices, this is one ideal place of employment.

    Wi-Fi for All

    If your set of skills fall outside the tech industry, you can still benefit from Google's giving nature. Located on every city owned streetlight pole is a wireless transmitter that provides free Wi-Fi to the entire city, absolutely free.

    Endless Outdoor Fun

    The 750 acre Shoreline Park is perfect for staying in shape while enjoying the great outdoors. Here, you can enjoy everything from hiking to kayaking and bird watching. Their 8 miles of trails are perfect for running, and the amphitheater holds all sorts of fun events for the family.

    Complete with natural wetlands, bridges, and the historic Rengstorff House, this is the perfect oasis from city life.

    Sharing is Caring

    Did you know that Mountain View is one of five Bay Area cities taking part in a bike share program? This pilot program offers a network of automated bicycle stations where members can rent one out, ride it to where they need to go, then return it to a different station. If you were looking to save money where you can, this gas-less alternative is an excellent option.

    Farmer's Markets

    Healthy food for you and your family can be found all over in the form of farmer's markets, but there is one in particular that the locals go bananas over. Each Sunday a group of 70 local growers and food vendors combine their seasonal and organic produce for the public to buy. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a festival with eating, drinking, and live music, making it an excellent way to end the week.

    Health Matters

    Right in Mountain View sits the non-profit El Camino Hospital. When sickness strikes, you can know your family is in good hands with this facility declared "most technologically advanced in the world" by Popular Science Magazine. Their use of automated robotics, palm scanners for patient registration, and infection resistant bedside computers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advanced care this hospital provides.

    Solid School System

    Education is one of the main factors in any child's development. Thankfully, Mountain View's school system is ranked one of the highest in the country. Out of 8 schools, 7 of them have a 7 or higher rank on GreatSchools with 3 of their higher level grade schools ranking a perfect 10 out of 10.

    Fun for Everyone

    Looking for the ultimate park where you kids can have hours worth of fun? Look no further than Cuesta Park. Two side by side playgrounds offer stimulating activities for children of all ages including a sandbox, ride on toys, bouncer, and so much more. Oh, and they are both shaded!

    While at the park, adults can enjoy grassy fields with picnic tables, tennis courts, and plenty of paths for biking or running. There's even a designated area for dogs who love to run around.

    There is also the Spring Family Parade for even more family oriented fun. Each year this crowd of critter costumes, games, and music comes through to entertain the city's little ones. Each May, you can also enjoy the family friendly A La Carte and Art complete with crafts, food, and live music.

    For one more family fun activity on the list, take advantage of the Summer Outdoor Movie Niight Series in the park. Popcorn, beverages, and a screening under the stars come free of charge here, making it an easy win in any parent's book.

    Spurring Talent and Creativity

    As little ones grow older they find themselves enthralled with their abilities and interests, and Mountain View caters to them all. Whether it is the 300,000 plus titles found at Book Buyers for the reader, art festivals filled with crafts for the painter, or catering to musical talents, there are and abundance of festivals and classes designed to bring out the talents of kids and adults alike.

    Carmel, The Village Residences Apartments

    It's no wonder why Mountain View ranked so high on locations perfect for raising a family, and you can start your own right here at The Village Residences. This luxury community offers a plethora of amenities that provide a new level of high end living for its residents, all while situating you in one of the best areas California has to offer.

    Spacious layouts provide all the room you need to expand and provide your family, each furnished with high end decor and energy friendly appliances. Terraces, pools, spas, fitness studios and more help you to enjoy life in the Sunshine State to its fullest, while game rooms and play areas are perfect to keep the little ones entertained. Come see why so many love living in Mountain View, right here at The Village Residences.