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    Restos on Castro Street

    February 13, 2018

    Castro Street Restaurants - The Village Residences Apts

    For those planning to move into apartments for rent in Mountain View CA, or current residents of the community, you may be looking for tasty restaurants to enjoy a scrumptious meal. Many of you may have heard about the wonderful restaurants on Castro Street. But you may not know which ones seem to be the most popular according to Mountain View residents and others who regularly frequent these establishments.

    Well, when it comes to choosing a restaurant on Castro Street in Mountain View, everyone is going to have their own favorites and particular preferences. While one person may absolutely love a restaurant serving Italian food, another person might not like this type of food at all. So, keep in mind that picking restaurants is subjective to the person or people looking to enjoy a great tasting meal.

    With that said, we’ll tell you about a number of fantastic restaurants on Castro Street. Obviously, you’ll have to decide if the menu they serve meets your particular tastes and preferences. So if you see a restaurant that seems appealing, we highly recommend calling them, making a reservation, and trying their amazing food. We know you will not be disappointed.

    So, we’ll now get to our top recommendations without further delay. Please show your support and visit these marvelous Mountain View restaurants on Castro Street.

    Chop & Pub

    At the Chop & Pub located in Mountain View, this fine dining establishment focuses on small plates and plenty of alcohol. So if you’re walking around downtown Mountain View or want to go for a great night out, we highly recommend visiting 124 Castro St. to check out this phenomenal restaurant.

    The owner, Chau Le, wants to provide patrons with an excellent California style dining experience. They serve lots of great tapas dishes in this intriguing place, and they also serve lots of craft cocktails as well. So if you enjoy great tasting cocktails and grilled vegetables, you’re definitely going to appreciate the cuisine at this wonderful establishment.

    The restaurant describes itself as a gastropub and social eatery. They clearly live up to their reputation because the restaurant is often packed with casual diners eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. So if you’re looking for a social hotspot to get together with friends and also have an opportunity to connect with new people, then the Chop & Pub is definitely a great place to enjoy a fine tapas meal and a craft cocktail or two.


    For those looking for all American cuisine and fantastic tasting craft cocktails and beer, you’ll definitely like the food and drinks available at Eureka! Located at 191 Castro St. in Mountain View, you’ll find some truly delectable dishes that will certainly please your palate.

    Customers rant and rave about many of the wonderful dishes available on their menu. If you do take the time to visit this restaurant and try some of their great tasting food, you’ll be pleased with many of their amazing options. You can appreciate some of their finest choices like the mac & cheese balls, lollipop corn dogs, truffle cheese fries, cauliflower bites, smoked salmon dip, chicken nachos, and other great tasting options.

    Plus, they currently have a taco bar where you can get steak tacos, chicken tacos, and blackened fish tacos. Let’s not forget about their amazing grilled shrimp salad, shaved Brussels sprout salad, protein chop salad, steak salad, and Cobb salad to name a few more of their delectable dishes.

    We’ve only just scratched the surface. Some of their signature dishes include the butcher’s steak dip sandwich, fried chicken sliders, Napa chicken sandwich, 8 ounce skirt steak, homemade pimento grilled cheese and soup, the Eureka American cheeseburger, the bison burger, the jalapeno egg burger, the veggie beet burger, and many other tasty options.

    We highly recommend giving Eureka! a try as soon as you can. You’re absolutely going to love their food, plus there’s plenty of alcohol and the atmosphere is unforgettable as well. So you’ll have a restaurant experience that you will not soon forget.

    QBB – Quality Bourbons & Barbecue

    The last restaurant we’d like to share today is a Mountain View staple at 216 Castro St. and one of the best dining experiences you’ll ever have if you happen to love bourbon and barbecue. Sure, you may find the odd vegan or vegetarian here and there that wouldn’t enjoy this incredible fare. But if you love meat, barbecue, bourbon, and alcohol in general, then you’re definitely going to love this place as well.

    They have an amazing menu as you are about to learn. Since their food is truly to die for, we know you’re going to love their deviled eggs, pastrami salad, smoked chicken Cobb, smoked chicken Caesar, and other fantastic tasting appetizers.

    They also serve a boatload of wonderful sandwiches including pastrami on sourdough bread with yellow mustard, a Reuben with yellow mustard, thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese on marbled rye, their chopped brisket sandwich and pulled pork sandwich, their grilled cheese, and their pit beef QBB melt which is made of smoked pit beef, cheddar, QBB sauce, house pickled red onion, all piled high on a scrumptious French roll.

    They also have a wide range of family-style dishes and meat plates for larger parties. There’s the boss hog that serves 6 to 8 people and you get a 1/3 pound prime brisket, 1/3 pound pulled pork, sliced sausage links, house pickles, six pieces of cornbread, six slices of the white bread, three sides, a full slab of ribs, 1/3 pound pit beef and a half pound of chicken.

    They also serve a QBB smoked meat plate. You can pick your favorite choice of meat and it also gives you one side, some white bread, and house pickles. Your meat options include a quarter chicken, prime brisket, sausage links, pulled pork, pastrami, pit beef, and pork spare ribs. So there’s definitely something for everyone here if you love barbecued and smoked meat.


    Are you ready to enjoy a great meal on Castro Street? Check out our recommendations and you’ll have an excellent meal and a wonderful experience that will be hard to forget.