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    Thanksgiving In Mountain View

    November 15, 2017

    Mountain View Thanksgiving - The Village Residences Apts

    Sunny Silicon Valley seems to have it all. From the amazing landscapes of Northern California to the elegance of the pristine Mountain View studio apartments, there's no end to the wonder and excitement this area has to offer. It comes as little surprise, then, that this corner of the Golden State is also a hotspot for premiere Thanksgiving fare, served by the tireless professionals who have put their hearts and souls into the craft of cooking. In years past, the list of options has been long, but who are the top contenders for 2017? Since you'll likely not have time to sample and survey every restaurant around town, we've condensed the top picks so you can get a quick overview of what's worthwhile come Turkey day.

    Thanksgiving: Silicon Valley Style

    Would America's tech apex be the first place you'd consider for high class culinary wonders? It might not be, but the wealth of options in Mountain View have made more than a few change their opinion on eating out in the areas around San Jose. If you're keen on having the real chefs handle Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to check out some of these amazing restaurants.


    Scratch is one of those places that screams authenticity from the rooftops. The pleasant eatery, located on Castro Street, specializes in uniquely American fare, combined with the finest of fresh ingredients and a hint of a contemporary twist. Shortly after it was opened, SFGate raved about it's take on classic American cuisine:

    "To say that Scratch serves upscale diner food doesn't do the Mountain View restaurant justice. Its menu may recall homey dishes with its clam chowder, spinach salad and macaroni and cheese, but any reminders of diner eating vanish at first bite."

    Years later, they're still going strong with their prix fix menu, allowing guests to select a first course, entree, and one dessert. Options like the bacon wrapped chorizo stuffed dates, pork porterhouse, and chocolate pecan caramel pie await, and reservations are highly suggested due to the overwhelming popularity of this Mountain View favorite.

    For Thanksgiving, that recommendation applies doubly so, as the holiday surge makes finding a table a task unto itself. You'll be glad you did, though, as the intimate setting inside scratch is part of what makes Thanksgiving there so amazing:

    "Our main dining room affords a casual dining experience in a relaxed setting of beautiful walnut table banquettes, and the community table which seats up to 12, a great place for small groups or to just sit and make new acquaintances."

    When it's all said and done, you'll be well-fed and well-served by everything Scratch has to offer, and will likely have a great time bonding with family and making some new friends from around town as well. Keep this one near the top of your short list for places to go for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.


    When Crepevine opened their eleventh location on Castro Street, the family-owned business came into Mountain View with a clear vision — great food and drinks for all that graced their doors. As quoted in Patch, owner Majed Fakhouri said:

    "I'd like this to become a destination for the neighborhood, a place where people can gather, meet and have a good meal."

    They've certainly made a mark since then, providing what they claim to be the "freshest and healthiest" ingredients they can source, much of it organic and fair-trade, along with natural and ethically raised meat products that add to the quality of the menu. That menu, by the way, includes much more than simply crepes. Guest have their pick of pancakes, omelettes, sandwiches, pastas, sweets, and so much more. The menu could best be described as "internationally-themed," incorporating picks from "Greece, Italy, Japan, India, Thailand and The United States," to great success.

    For Thanksgiving, they're open bright and early, from 7:30AM to 3:00PM. They'll be serving up their usual, diverse selection, along with some Thanksgiving favorites that will delight the palate and bring a smile to your face.

    Don Giovanni

    With a name like Ristorante Don Giovanni, you might be expecting to find authentic Italian cuisine within the walls of this inviting establishment on Castro Street—and you'd be correct:

    "The warm and inviting atmosphere complimented by the Italian decor makes this the place to celebrate any special occasion, romantic dinner, or just a simple home cooked Italian meal."

    The standard menu here includes a range of lunch and dinner options, including various antipasti like calamari and crab cakes, along with numerous styles of pasta, paninis, pizzas, and more. The wine list is equally impressive, bringing in multiple sparkling wines, chardonnays, reds, whites, Rieslings, etc.

    Don Giovanni's claim to Thanksgiving fame, though, comes not only from the amazing food, but the fact that owner John Akkaya gives out his own special thanks to the community by offering a complimentary Thanksgiving dinner to any and all who grace the restaurant's doors on Turkey day. Last year, they brought down the house by cooking 130 turkeys and serving 2,000 customers that free Thanksgiving meal. This year, they hope to repeat the feat yet again, just as they have throughout their history, all in the name of being thankful. Akkaya sums it up himself in the most succinct manner possible:

    "They come and they belong. Everybody is treated equally."

    Hard to argue with logic like that. If you're looking for a well-prepared feast and good company, check this spot out come the 23rd.

    Have Your Own Thanksgiving Fun At The Mountain View Studio Apartments

    You might want to throw down on your own for Thanksgiving, in which case you're more than welcome to pick up all the ingredients you need from the store, break out your favorite recipes, and do it your way. You'll need a place to call home, though, and The Village Residences is the perfect spot. This luxury apartment complex doesn't just put you within striking distance of all those great restaurants we mentioned earlier, it's got something for every kind of resident. Expansive living spaces, fabulous amenities, and everything else you'll need for the top-tier of comfort and convenience in Silicon Valley.