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    Thursday Night Live 2019

    June 30, 2019

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    Summer is prime time for fun and excitement, but oftentimes, you’ve got to do a fair bit of traveling to get to it. Airports, road trips, excursions to far flung locales just to see that festival or concert you’ve been waiting for — it can get exhausting, and every so often, you probably wish that summer excitement would come to you for a change. For those around the apartments in Mountain View CA, your wishes have been granted, in the form of the raucous and riveting Thursday Night Live.

    Starting July 11th, and carrying on until August 15th, Thursday Night Live will be bringing fun, music, and a whole lot more to Castro Street in Downtown Mountain View, and if you’re looking to have a great time close to home, this is one event you’ll want to keep marked on your calendar. Today, we’ll be going into some of the details, and getting you prepared to head on down and see the show.

    What Thursday Night Live Is All About

    On Thursday evenings, from 5:30PM to 8:30PM, Castro Street between Mercy and Villa Streets will be transformed from their ordinary selves into a veritable community party, complete with a car show, a farmer’s market, family activities, and, of course, that booming live music. The music will be the main attraction for many, so let’s delve into the lineup, shall we? Currently, six shows are scheduled:

    • July 11 — The Cheeseballs
    • July 18 — Neon Velvet
    • July 25 — The Peelers
    • August 1 — Buck Ford Pure Country Band
    • August 8 — Majestic Journey Tribute Band
    • August 15 — Pride and Joy

    Now, if you haven’t heard of these groups before, that’s alright. We’re going to provide a little background on what you can expect. Let’s take The Cheeseballs, for example. The name might sound a bit cheesy (pun wholly intended there), but they’ve actually got a reputation as one of San Francisco’s more impressive dance music groups, bringing a hard-hitting mixture of soul, funk, and so much more to the floor. They’re well-known for getting people into the groove and ready to move, so you’ll want to check their show out if you’re in the mood for dancing.

    Of course, they aren’t the only dance-focused group out there. Neon Velvet will be filling a very similar role, but a distinct and memorable 80’s aesthetic:

    “Imagine all the sass and the glamour of the 80’s in a sweet embrace with the today's most potent pop artists The result is an uplifting night of fashion and fun, scored with musical precision. Neon Velvet is the elite Dance Band.”

    You can take a quick look at their promo reel to see they’re legit (just prepare yourself for lots of sequins, sateen, and velveteen outfits); once you’re done, be sure to check out The Peelers too. When it comes to top-tier cover artists in the Bay Area, these guys have the experience refined to a science. They specialize in providing high-impact, high-energy soundtracks for just about every kind of event imaginable, and don’t restrict themselves to a single genre either. R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll, Oldies — you’ll hear it all when they take the stage, so prepare yourself for a show that will take you on a journey through the best of America’s top-40s hits.

    Leading off the August lineup is the Buck Ford Pure Country Band. As the name suggests, these Vacaville natives will be keeping it authentically country, and 29-year-old bandleader Buck Ford is well-known on the scene as a traditional country-bred prodigy with the skills to wow the crowds. It might surprise you to learn that Ford was once a pro motocross racer, but that just goes to show you that this multi-talented phenom can do just about whatever he applies his efforts to, and when it comes to country music, he and his crew pull it off masterfully.

    Next up, a Journey cover band? Those aren’t too hard to find. A Journey cover band the likes of Majestic? Now those are much more rare. They bill themselves as “San Francisco’s Ultimate Tribute to Journey,” and honestly, we wouldn’t contest them on that point. They’ve got the skill, style, and even the “blessing of Journey themselves,” and pull off every performance with amazing aplomb. What’s more, the band is composed of 100% Journey fanboys (and even have former members of Journey accompany them on stage from time to time). How’s that for “Ultimate Tribute?”

    Last on the lineup is Pride & Joy, dubbed “The Bay Area’s favorite party band,” and for good reason. On stage, they’re the very essence of passion and electricity, performing each hit with the type of heart and soul that only the truest lovers of music can muster. Throw in some tight choreography and wild outfits, and you’ve got the recipe for a party every time they grace a crowd. Their moniker is an apt description, and their crew of heavy hitters makes sure to “bring it” each and every time.

    And don’t forget the bands, while they are a big part of the draw for Thursday Night Live, aren’t the only reason to come. That car show will certainly be a treat for anyone who likes to gawk at the classics, and the family-friendly activities will ensure there’s fun for all ages. Mark your calendar, then make it down to Castro Street for a great time this July and August.

    The Apartments in Mountain View CA Are a Great Place to Enjoy Life

    From cool community events like Thursday Night Live to the vibrant (but relaxed) pace of life, calling Mountain View home is a real joy. Turns out it’s even more enjoyable when you call spots like The Village Residences home — basking in the pinnacle of contemporary luxury near the heart of the city. The moniker is apt, as “The Village” provides you with a sense of community like few other places can, and does so while putting its own little urban spin on the entire concept. Come see for yourself, then discover how you can enjoy a slice of that village life in beautiful Mountain View.