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    Top Vegan Restos in Mt. View

    February 22, 2019

    vegan dish

    While several places across the country have yet to accept the proven benefits of veganism, California has been on the cusp of trends within this diet for years. From the luxury apartments in Mountain View, you have a wide variety of vegan restaurants to choose from when hunger strikes. Why settle for any location, though, when you can pick from the best of the best? This list highlights the top ten vegan eateries in the area.

    1. Veggie garden

    First on the list is Veggie Garden, an Asian-themed location on West El Camino Real. They serve pot stickers, orange chicken, wontons and more without using an ounce of meat. Their tofu is non-GMO, and all of their veggies are sourced from the highest-quality sources.

    This is an excellent location to get your Asian cuisine fix without harming a single animal in the process. There’s even a sweet and sour fish dish that manages to remain entirely vegan without sacrificing taste. How they create such incredible “taste-alike” dishes is anyone’s guess, but the owners take their lifestyle seriously after realizing the consequences of an unhealthy diet had on their oldest daughter.

    2. Garden Fresh

    Garden Fresh is another vegan restaurant that focuses Asian cuisine. Chefs Robert Liang and Paul Hsueh spent decades refining their craft to appeal to meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike. By appealing to meat eaters, they mean crafting dishes that taste so good a carnivore would never know the difference.

    Their strictly vegan menu features traditional dishes like Kung Pao eggplant, but also branches out with bites like basil moo shu rolls. They have plenty of rave reviews, but don’t take the internet’s word for it. You have to try this place yourself to experience how amazing it truly is.

    3. Veggie Grill

    Stepping away from Asian cuisine, the next restaurant to make this list is the Veggie Grill. There’s a wide variety of dishes blending together here, but the overall menu is distinctly American. Burgers, salads, and sandwiches are their main focus, though they do offer comfort food favorites alongside other uniquely veggie items. (Ever try an olive oil cake?)

    Fresh, seasonal ingredients are the name of the game at the Veggie Grill, ensuring quality as well as a rotating menu. They even feature a kid’s menu with items like mac and cheese to make this a family-friendly vegan establishment. As one of the few purveyors of Beyond Meat, you can also rest assured that their burgers are delicious.

    4. Merit Vegan Cuisine

    Okay, the list is back to Asian cuisine, but the Merit goes beyond a vegan mentality. This restaurant only uses sustainable products to keep their operations as green as possible. They also skip the MSG, though you don’t have to worry about that with other locations on this list either.

    Their menu ranges from appetizers like fried vegan drumsticks to entrees like Jalapeno BBQ seitan. The menu centers around a very American version of Asian cuisine, though there are regional dishes true to the culture. Plus, numerous menu items are gluten free.

    5. Bowl of Heaven

    Bowl of Heaven is a joint venture by non-chefs Brandon Beazer and Dan McCormick. Beazer has degrees in Pre-Professional Biology as well as Biochemistry, while McCormick is a successful author and radio show host. So, what do these two know about running a vegan restaurant? Prepare to be surprised.

    Brandon fell in love with acai bowls in Hawaii to the point of obsession. It was there met and introduced Dan to the fruit, who immediately found a market nonexistent in California. With McCormick’s 30-plus years of successful businesses under his belt and Beazer’s passion for biological health, the two quickly developed restaurant idea with acai bowls at the center.

    Their menu now features 10 unique acai bowls, numerous juices, and three smoothies. Each are crafted from organic fruits and MAQ 7 superfruits for a powerful antioxidant boost. You won’t find a single unhealthy element in any dish served here, and certainly nothing even remotely close to an animal. If you’re interested in what acai berries can do for you, check out this article on their health benefits. Regardless, eating strictly fruit for one meal out of the day is one of the healthiest things you can do.

    6. True Food Kitchen

    First place winner of The Daily News’ 2018 Reader’s Choice Award, True Food Kitchen takes healthy food seriously. They have multiple venues that offer a surprising amount of meals. There’s a seasonal menu highlighting fresh produce in the area that acts as the dinner menu, a brunch menu, and a kid’s menu with amazing items like an almond butter banana and apple sandwich.

    Keep in mind, however, that their entire menu is not vegan. They have ample options to choose from, but they place their commitment to sustainably--sourced seasonal foods first. On the plus side, that means you can take your non-vegan friends here without anyone griping.

    7. Dosa Paratha

    As the name suggests, this restaurant focuses on Indian cuisine. Since the majority of this region’s food is vegan to begin with, the menu offers plenty of options to choose from while turning otherwise vegetarian dishes into vegan delights. The location is small and quaint, but their flavors are larger than life.

    If you’re new to Indian fare, then check out the chettinad dosa. This bread dish is filled with peas, cauliflower, and spices with dips on the side to enhance the flavor. While you’re there, give one of their delicious curries a try and don’t forget to order a pineapple sweet before you leave.

    8. The Happy Hooligans

    With made-to-order dishes and house-made sauces, you will leave this place understanding why they chose the name. The passion for vegan cuisine at The Happy Hooligans is intense. So much so that they’ve created their own versions of classics like the Rueben and Italian meatballs that outdo their meaty counterparts. With nothing but vegan versions of American favorites right in the Mountain View area, what’s not to love?

    9. The Green Barn

    If you’re in the mood for fine dining experience, then The Green Barn is the place to go. Each dish is as beautiful as it is delicious, and their ingredients are nothing short of the finest around. With a focus on clean eating and sustainability, this vegan-friendly establishment kicks things up a notch with superb chef creations. There are only two non-vegan items on their current menu: Mozzarella sticks and zucchini fries.

    10. Mint & Basil

    Finishing this list is another excellent restaurant focusing on Asian cuisine. Run by diehard vegans, every dish is viewed as their chance to spread a message of peace and love to the world. The menu features a fusion of Vietnamese, Thai, and Malaysian influences which combine to create incredible curries as well as hearty entrees. If for some reason you don’t like the meal (which isn’t going to happen), Mint & Basil won’t charge you a dime.

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