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    Why The Village Stands Out

    March 31, 2017

    Sunnyvale Beach - The Village Residences Apts

    Tucked away in quiet Santa Clara County, on the edge of the Bay interior and just a few miles away from San Jose, you'll find the city of Mountain View. In the days of old, it was just a little stagecoach shop. In the modern era, it has morphed into a large, bustling suburb with plenty of charm and resident-friendly attributes that make it a highly desirable spot to settle down. What makes this sunny, scenic community standout? Today, we're going to go over a few of the features that will have you looking for a place to stay, either right in the heart of Mountain View, or at the apartments in nearby Sunnyvale CA. Trust us; this is a place to live quite unlike any other.

    What Makes Mountain View So Special?

    There are so many facets of this extraordinary town to cover. From its unique geographical location to its bustling economy, Mountain View is a place that many find to be ideal.

    It's In A Great Spot

    We mean physically. Mountain View is one of the locales that make up the region known as Silicon Valley. Here, near the Santa Cruz Mountains and right on the edge of the water, the outstanding weather is something that draws many a potential resident in. Mountain View has a warm Mediterranean climate. Here, the summers are phenomenally warm (but usually not too hot), and the winters stay mild and manageable. Since its further south on the peninsula than San Francisco, the effects of the waters aren't as pronounced, but you'll find that year round, it feels like a great place to live based solely on the weather alone.

    Business Here Is Good

    Especially if you're part of the tech industry. A great many innovators have a presence here, including Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Samsung. One of the biggest names in town, though, is Google, who have their headquarters, The Googleplex, right near the Shoreline Golf Links course near the water. The campus is a stunning feature and one you'll probably be inclined to take a peek at once you get your bearings straight here in the city.

    Beyond simply providing a haven for a gaggle of tech companies to do their work, Mountain View is dedicated to the growth of all its businesses. Taking a look at their official government Economic Development page, you can see that they've gone in deep on helping the start-up community find great success:

    "Welcome to the Economic Development Division of the City of Mountain View - a great place where change begins. Mountain View is characterized by many as the “start-up” community of Silicon Valley with a strong innovative network that develops and supports the greater Mountain View community."

    The Population Is Just Right

    Mountain View isn't the biggest city, nor is it the smallest. It sits in that sweet spot where there are enough people to make the community vibrant, but not so many packed in that it feels crowded. There are just between 74,000 and 80,000 people living in Mountain View, spread over an area of 12 square miles. This works out to about 6,000 people per square mile, or, in other words, "just about right." The population is also somewhat diverse, with a mix of White, Asian, African American Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans calling the city home.

    It's A Good Place To Get An Education

    There are a good number of public and private schools in Mountain View covering a range of school ages. Notable private institutions include big names like the Khan Lab School, Saint Francis High, and the Yew Chung International School Of Silicon Valley. Mountain View is also home to a killer public library, with tomes upon tomes of knowledge for anyone who wants to better themselves by learning about whatever it may be that draws their interest.

    You Can Get Where You Need To Go

    In addition to being a relatively pedestrian-friendly place to waltz about, the infrastructure exists to take you beyond the city and into other parts of the region. You can hop on the 101 and head north up the peninsula, or southeast into San Jose if you need. There is also an ample system of commuter rail, light rail, buses, and private shuttles that can get you where you need to go in a hurry.

    It's Fun To Explore

    There's the beautiful downtown area, for one, which, in addition to being grand central for many local businesses, is also the site of numerous community events and festivals. The Downtown Guide can keep you abreast of what's going on, and you'll likely not want to miss too many of these magnificent celebrations as they are great fun for singles and families alike.
    Beyond the downtown sector, Mountain View also has plenty of parks and nature to poke around in. Places like Shoreline Park (the city's largest), the San Francisco Bay Trail, Stevens Creek, and several others. They all provide scenic views of the region and are great spots for a simple walk or a full on photo-exploration tour.

    Top Tier Apartments In Sunnyvale CA And Beyond

    Ready to make Mountain View home? The ideal location already awaits. The Village brings luxury apartment living right to the locus of Mountain View and provides residents with a supremely relaxing area to rest and gain respite before they strike out on their next adventure. One look at the grandeur of The Village, and you'll surely be tempted to learn more about what lies within.
    Here, you'll find a modern complex accompanied by superb community features. Things like the open air terrace, atrium pool, Aqua Lounge, gym, yoga studio, and much more. Within the building, you'll see that the units are equally impressive. You have plenty of studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom options to choose from, many with built-in luxuries like hardwood flooring, pristine kitchens, and ample patio space.
    This is a new standard of apartment excellence, just as unique as the town that it resides in. Come find out why The Village is your best bet at exploring all that Mountain View and the rest of Silicon Valley has to offer today.