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    Wine Tasting in Mountain View

    June 29, 2018

    Wine Tasting in Mountain View - The Village Residences Apts

    Drinking delicious tasting expensive wine with family and friends in Mountain View studio apartments is certainly one of the big benefits of living near such wine friendly places. But as a resident of Mountain View, CA, you also have so many great opportunities to get out into the world, meet new people, spend time with family and friends outdoors and also enjoy some of the best wine that money can buy all at the same time.

    While it’s certainly nice to spend an evening at home with those closest to you drinking delicious wine, it’s also fun, freeing, and especially entertaining to visit local wineries and wine tasting rooms with the people you care about the most, clients, neighbors, or anyone else willing to go on this exciting journey with you.

    Some of you may be wondering which wine tasting rooms are worthy of your time and attention. Others may want to know which wineries have the best tasting wine in the area. By going to local wineries and wine tasting rooms, you’ll be able to discover this for yourself in person. Or better yet, take a moment to read the information we’re about to share with you below and we’ll tell you our favorite wineries and wine tasting rooms in the Mountain View California region.

    Sound .good? Stick around a little longer to discover our favorite places to go to have amazing wine.

    Los Altos Tasting Room by Byington Vineyard & Winery

    The Los Altos Tasting Room is located on Main Street, which is basically the northernmost part of Silicon Valley. But this is so much more than just your typical and average tasting room. They sell wine at retail prices, they also have a wine bar, and it’s also combined with a tasting room, which really makes this place extra special.

    It’s great if you’re looking to have private parties here or host corporate events. They have space to accommodate everyone. And the Byington Vineyard & Winery is fantastic because it’s located within the Santa Cruz Mountains and this vineyard is fully operational and it also has an exciting winery as well.

    It’s made up of 95 mountainous acres of land situated within the redwood forest. It even has a gorgeous view of Monterey Bay. Even more important, they are known for producing some of the best tasting wine including delicious Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir to name a few of their most famous options. But let’s not forget about their Petit Verdot, their Merlot, and there Cabernet Franc as well. All in all, they have amazing wine and you’re going to love trying them all in their exciting tasting room.

    Ridge Vineyards

    Ridge Vineyards has a long and storied history in Cupertino California. They have been around since 1885 when a prominent doctor from San Francisco bought 180 acres of land situated at the top of Monte Bello Ridge.

    The winery was later abandoned but purchased again in the 1940s by William Short. It eventually sold again to a group of owners and the vineyard has been making fantastic smooth wine for decades now.

    They currently have two estates. One is located in Lytton Springs and the other one is located in Monte Bello as we previously mentioned. The vineyard has increased in size and it will continue to do so as long as people continue to enjoy their delicious wine.

    If you’re looking for a wine tasting opportunity, we recommend checking out their Lytton Springs, Sonoma County location at 650 Lytton Springs Rd., Healdsburg, CA. Or better yet if you’re looking for their option in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Monte Bello, we recommend visiting their location at 17100 Monte Bello Rd., Cupertino, CA.

    No matter which estate you choose, you’ll have an option to try some of the best tasting wine you’ve ever had. The richness and flavor of their wineries are second to none, and you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to grape heaven in either of these gorgeous locations.

    Divine Wineries

    Divine Wineries is also another amazing location to choose if you are looking to sample fine wine in their swanky wine tasting room in downtown San Jose. Not only that, they also have a bottle shop as well, so you can definitely pick up some delectable yet fine local wine for your collection. This wine is top-quality and filled with character, plus they even have award-winning handcrafted options available from wineries and wine regions in the greater bay area.

    So you’re definitely in for a treat the next time you feel like tasting some wine while you are in downtown San Jose. We highly recommend stopping by their wine tasting room to try delicious wine from the Santa Lucia Highlands, Sierra Foothills, Arroyo Seco, Lodi, Santa Clara Valley, Alexander Valley, and more.

    No matter what, you’re bound to find the perfect boutique for your particular tastes and style. And you’ll have no trouble finding great tasting wine that will pair perfectly with the dish you intend to serve at your upcoming dinner party.

    Wine Tasting & Mountain View Studio Apartments Certainly Go Hand-In-Hand

    Mountain View, CA is synonymous with wine tasting country and all of the finer things in life. Living in gorgeous studio apartments and other luxury residences certainly fits in with your posh lifestyle. At The Village, you get to live the good life because you earned it and you should never feel the need to make any excuses because of your success.

    “From a wonderful hiking trails to luscious golfing greens, residents who call The Village Luxury Apartments their home, have access to some of California’s best nature scenes. Not to mention, the finest dining in unique atmospheres and the area’s vibrant nightlife.

    “The central location is perfect for commuters to San Jose and the resort style amenities might have you never wanting to leave home. From an abundance of community features that cater to any sort of lifestyle to the modern touches that make up the comforts of home, no expense has been spared to create a whole new living experience. Eco-friendly designs keep things green, and the entire premises are pet friendly.”